I can’t help but be humbled by the scenes we have been shown of the people in Japan this week. They have taken probably the hardest hit that nature can throw at them and have they complained?

Have they moaned?

Have they stamped their feet and said “it’s not fair!!”?

Have they looted and rioted because of food and energy shortages?

Have they turned to the rest of the world and demanded that “someone” should sort it out for them?

The answer to all of those questions is NO they haven’t.

They have drawn together in a picture of humanity and have just got on with the job of clearing up and salvaging what they can from their past lives quietly and with dignity. There are no reports of stealing, or rioting. There are no reports of mass hysteria with people wailing and screaming about their losses. There are no scenes of the saccharine grief that we so often see round the rest of the world when disasters like this happen.

My heart went out to them when it started snowing earlier this week: on top of no food, shelter, clean water or medicines, they also had to cope with extreme weather conditions too. Many people are now facing the prospect of ongoing – possibly life-shortening – medical conditions because of the nuclear reactor problem and STILL they don’t complain. I was especially moved by the story about 30 primary school children who are still sitting in their classroom waiting for parents to come and collect them. Again, dignity in their grief. Always dignity.

I can only say that the people of Japan have set a huge example of how to behave when disaster strikes and I am truly stunned by their attitude and demeanour. I wish there was something practical I could do to help but I will have to settle for praying for them as a nation. There is no doubt that the nation will recover, because it has a work ethic so rare these days.

Please pray for the people of Japan.

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