Enquiring Minds Want To Know

Interior of Chetham's College
Interior of Chetham's College (via Wikipedia)

I found this meme by blog hopping this afternoon. I hope you like my answers and if you want to join in click here and follow the instructions.

Happy Friday everyone!!


1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was *little* little, as opposed to little/adolescent I never really thought about growing up and what it meant to be an adult. I suppose I was in a little cocoon of my own and was content to ride my bike, climb trees, play hide and seek, go to band and just “be”. When I became aware that there was more to life than this kid thing, I wanted to be a pathologist. It was in part inspired by someone I knew who was a pathologist, and partly because the human body and why it functioned as it did was a great interest to me. I was (and still am) interested in the whole concept of death, what is it? How does it happen? Why do some bodies survive catastrophic diseases and accidents whilst others die from the slightest change. It’s not morbid, it’s just who I am. However, when I realised that to become a pathologist I first of all needed to qualify as a doctor I hastily gave up my ideas. I mean, come on. In our family, who had EVER been to university before?? All that money?! Nope, it wasn’t for me.

My next “choice” was to be a musician. At the time I could have gone to music school I was better than average and my teacher was willing to sponsor me to audition for Chetham’s School of Music. But similarly to the pathology/doctor thing, money was a big issue so I turned it down. Regret the decision? You betcha I do!

I finished high school and started college (UK college is a different age than US college) with no idea of what to do. I had always harboured the thought that I wanted help, but didn’t know in what capacity. I wanted to join the police force but failed the medical (my eyesight let me down) so that was out and I sort of drifted into my first job as a clerical trainee with ICI with no idea of what to do or what to specialise in. I have drifted ever since but still want to help in some way or other. I’m not currently working due to a long-term health problem but I can’t wait to be “fixed” so I can get on with my…erm….drifting…?

2. Did you go to college?
Only for 12 months. I re-sat two O levels (blimey, do you remember THEM?!) whilst taking 3 A levels, but failed my exams at the end of that year and was too embarrassed to go back and face the teachers, so I left and found a job instead.

3. Do you attend your high school or college reunions?
We’ve never had any, so no. I don’t think they’re necessary to be honest, especially nowadays with Facebook, and Friends Reunited etc. I’m in contact with the people I want to be and that’s enough for me thank you!

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