10 Circular Steps

I have done this exercise a couple of times now and I love the process of ferreting out facts to link people in ten steps back to themselves. Today’s starts and ends with Steve Jobs. Hope you enjoy my circular journey.

1. Steve Jobs – Famous for his innovation and technological skill and for giving the world the plethora of Apple products, transforming the way we communicate, listen to music, share information and generally view the world we live in. Sadly, Steve died today after an 8 year battle with pancreatic cancer, as did…







2. Patrick Swayze – An American actor and dancer who shot to fame in the film “Dirty Dancing”. Perhaps best remembered for his role in “Ghost”, where he appeared with Demi Moore in that infamous pottery scene. In the 18th Century, pottery was industrialised by…




3. Josiah Wedgwood – Born in 1736 in Burslem, Staffordshire and grandfather of Charles Darwin.  Because of his industrialisation of the pot-making process, the towns in Staffordshire where he operated were collectively nicknamed “The Potteries”. The administrative centre became Stoke-on-Trent in 1910, which was the birthplace in 1974 of …




4. Robbie Williams – Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and founder member of Take That. Amongst other projects, he performed the theme song to Bridget Jones’ Diary (“Have you seen Miss Jones?”), a film which starred…




5. Colin Firth – An English actor who first came to the public’s attention when he appeared in a BBC adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” as Mr D’Arcy. Appeared in a string of box office smash hits, including his Oscar-winning performance in “The King’s Speech”, which also featured…




6. Geoffrey Rush – The multi-award winning Australian actor who is a regular in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series of films, which also star …




7. Johnny Depp –  The extremely private actor specialising in what could only be termed as “out of the ordinary” roles, for example Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow, which he based the character’s mannerisms on…





8. Keith Richards – Guitarist with the legendary Rolling Stones, Richards jointly wrote the song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” with Mick Jagger in 1968.  The song was covered in 1986 for a film of the same name which starred Whoopi Goldberg and was recorded by…





9. Aretha Franklin – singer, diva, blues goddess…there aren’t enough words to describe her!! Active since 1956, she has achieved armfuls of awards and trophies and performed with artists across all sorts of genres. After undergoing surgery in December 2010, she was forced to speak out and deny the rumours that she was suffering from pancreatic cancer. Which leads us back to…




10. Steve Jobs – as well as his innovation in personal computing, Jobs was also one of the founders of the animation collaboration between Disney and Pixar. I think it is fair to say that Steve Jobs is one of those rare people who really have touched everyone’s life in one way or another. He will be missed.


About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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5 Responses to 10 Circular Steps

  1. Pam says:

    That was clever! It would take me way too much thought…I’ll just enjoy it when you do it! LOL


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