Why I’m Thankful For Blogging

Thanks to Beth at A Work In Progress for this meme. Why not head on over to her blog and see what she has got to say? You can find her here, but before you go here's my top 10 reasons why I'm thankful for blogging (they are in no particular order, they just appear …

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A Christmas Experience

St Cecilia

Today is the feast day of St Cecilia, patron saint of musicians and church music. I have tried to find out why 22nd November  was chosen as her feast day but both Wikipedia and the Catholic hagiography can't actually tell me. What I did find out about her was fascinating: She was born in Rome …

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Thought For Today

Thought For The Day

  Thank you to notsalmon.com 🙂

Pen or Computer?

When you’re writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?   It entirely depends on what I'm writing. If I am doing a blog post like this one I prefer to type it straight onto the computer, but if I am doing a blog that needs some research or some notes taking …

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Thought For Today


A duet of naughtiness for you:   Noel Coward was presenting one of his comedies on Broadway at the same time as an actress friend was playing the Virgin Mary in a deeply religious play called The Miracle. When they met some time later the actress remarked: "I saw your play, Noel, but I'm afraid …

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A Bit of Thursday Fun

Due to feeling a bit miserable and a bit sore and a bit fed up of the mess in the house, I wanted to share something on my blog today to spread a little chuckleness today. I hope you enjoy this, I certainly did!!    

Rocky Symphony

I thought you might like a musical treat today for a change:     I wish I was a trumpeter in this. Great brass!