Kitchen Update – Part 9

Nearly there!!

Since the last update so much has happened in the kitchen that it’s almost ready to be called a room again. The wallpaper is all up, the lights over the sink area are connected up, the flooring has been laid (this afternoon), the electrics have all been finished off and the cooker hood has been installed.

Here’s the photos to show you how all that happened:

Kevin knocking out the wall for the extractor hood


Getting ready to paper - Dad's touching up the emulsion and Kevin is dropping his plumb bob to line up the first piece of paper


Paper on the walls made it instantly feel better


Cooker hood in place, papering finished off...getting exciting now!


The black on the floor is a damp-proof membrane because the floor is solid concrete. The green is underlay and the vinyl will sit on top


Here, we have the south wall showing the space where the sink unit will go, the cleaned up boiler housing on the east wall, the cooker hood on the west wall and the underlay for the vinyl all fixed in place and ready to go.


EEK!!! Floor nearly laid!


So the stage we’re at tonight is that the floor is down now, all trimmed and glued in place. The kitchen door to the hall has been removed (hurrah!!) and will be replaced later in the week. The back door (where Kevin’s head is here) is looking mankier and mankier as the project has gone on, so that will be getting some well deserved TLC at a later date – probably next weekend now. Kevin is – as we speak at this very moment – bringing in the washing machine, the dishwasher and the new cooker with the help from my Dad. I’ve not been much help today because I haven’t been very well. I started to feel a bit grotty yesterday (I think I’ve done too much in the past couple of days, like driving and things that I haven’t done for months and months and months) and I had a really bad night last night. Today I’ve been like a zombie because I’ve had to take regular doses of tramadol. It’s great for the pain for lousy for the brain function!

Anyway, the kitchen is looking like a room, the appliances are being brought in, the cupboards will be started tomorrow morning, the main lights need installing and then there’s a little shopping trip due to Ikea later in the week for those “finishing touches”.

Excited much!!!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Update – Part 9”

  1. Wow, these guys get some work done in a hurry! I’m sure you are excited to see it coming together. Sorry you’re not feeling your best, hope you’re all better soon.


  2. Looks like everything’s going to be finished in no time. So we’ll just be waiting for the finishing touches now and for your health to be much better soon. Thanks for the up-date and good luck for the days ahead and with all your writing too! Take care!


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