Kitchen Update – nearly there!!

I just wanted to let you have a brief update of what has been happening in the kitchen today and yesterday, but there are no photos because I have lost track of my camera during the movement of cupboards and things today.

We are at the stage now where Kevin is doing battle with the base units and sink unit, trying to get them levelled and fixed to the walls and each other. The cooker is IN and working and we have had our first food cooked in it tonight (wahoo!) and it’s just a case now of:

  • fitting all the base units
  • altering the sink unit to fit
  • cutting the worktops
  • tiling the splash-back for the sink
  • buying and fitting the stainless steel splash-back for the cooker
  • altering some wall cupboards to fit
  • finding a board to reuse as a window sill and then painting it
  • building up a couple of new cupboards
  • fixing all wall cupboards up, including the one that is going to go round the boiler
  • hanging the new door (my Dad has spent all day rebuilding the door surround, rebating for the hinges, cutting for the latch and the handles and planing it to fit, but it needs painting and hanging yet)
  • sanding down and repainting the back door
  • fitting the microwave brackets to the wall and putting that back in the kitchen
  • moving the fridge back from the living room
I’m going to go shopping for hanging racks and hooks for my utensils (and a couple of new pans but don’t tell Kevin), sort out my plates and cups etc to put in my new cupboards, go food shopping for proper food, stock up the cupboards, and then clean the house from top to bottom and catch up with all my other household jobs that have been put on hold for the past couple of weeks.
I think the next update I do will be when everything is in and replaced, so the next set of photos will be the FINISHED set!!
Definitely getting excited now!!

1 thought on “Kitchen Update – nearly there!!”

  1. This reminds me so much of our kitchen remodel. Sadly, we still have some things undone. Maybe I need to hire your crew! lol It’s nice to be able to DIY, saves a lot of money. Can’t wait to see the finished pictures!


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