10 Things I Am Certain Of

Ten things I know to be absolutely certain:

1. Nothing lasts for ever. Bad times come good and good times go bad so live in the moment and cherish everything while it lasts. Let the good times sustain you through the bad times.

2. It is possible to survive the worst heartbreak in the world.

3. It is not possible to be totally IN LOVE with your spouse day in and day out for 20 years. It IS possible however to love them, respect them, work with them, forgive them, learn from them, teach them, look after them, have fun with them, compromise your own needs and desires for them and in a thousand other ways make room for them every day.

4. There is comfort in habits, even those habits that are destructive and poisonous.

5. You need to be incredibly brave to break those habits.

6. Music is universal. It is the only method of communication that doesn't need words and cannot ever be evil or otherwise malicious to other people.

7. People who spend a lot of time telling you that they do a lot tend to be people who spend more time talking than doing.

8. We never stop learning and acquiring knowledge.

9. There is nothing quite like the healing and restorative properties of tea.

10. Bananas are berries.

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4 thoughts on “10 Things I Am Certain Of”

  1. Love this post. You’re right. I am dealing with 2 and 4 now.

    2. Worst Heartbreak: Lost my beloved husband of 35yrs. in August

    4. Habit: Looking over at my husband each morning when I awake; it has changed from loving habit to a painful one


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