Dedicated Blogger

Dedicated blogger….or stubborn mare?

I have just about had the fullest of full days in my whole life today and I am so pooped I can barely think about how to operate my fingers on the keyboard let alone think of anything valuable to say. Does the fact that I’m typing at all tell you that I’m a dedicated blogger, or am I a stubborn mare for not letting a little thing like mind-and-body-numbing fatigue stop me from achieving my postaday2011 goal??!

My day began at about 5.40am today and it has been a constant constancy all day. I’ve been decorating my church to help get it ready for the Christmas services, cooking, cleaning, serving soup and cups of tea, making hot chocolate, washing up, more cooking, more cups of tea….

My body aches like I’ve been run over but it was so worth it. We opened our doors to the community and despite giving away burgers, hot dogs and mulled wine we STILL managed to raise over £1000. More importantly than the profit we made so many new friends and we truly put ourselves out there in our community and showed ourselves to have open doors and open hearts.

Christmas truly has begun at St Paul’s in Blackley!!



6 thoughts on “Dedicated Blogger

  1. misswhiplash

    Well done..all that effort and then you feel so proud of what you have achieved. I am sure that The Lord will send His Blessing upon you because you have pleased Him


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