Daybook Entry – 11th December



Outside my window…winter is working its magic and it is cold, damp, inhospitable and deeply unpleasant

I am thinking…about how wonderful children are

I am thankful…I have the opportunity to be involved with so much recently after being out of the loop for so long


I am praying for…Eddie our minister. He has got his hands full at the moment and he is going to meet himself coming back if he’s not careful

In the kitchen…takeaway tonight. Too tired and too busy to shop or cook today

I am wearing…comfy top, comfy pants, comfy socks. All grey, all comfy. Did I mention they are comfortable?

I am creating…Christmas gifts for family (can’t say what in case they read this!) and a list of plans for things to get on with in the New Year

I am going…to play at our churches Carol Service in about an hour from now. I am doing this to help me control my nerves!

I am wondering…if my business plans are viable

I am reading…Chorister in the Abbey. It’s been a few days since I have had the time to pick it up to be honest

I am hoping…for a good read later on!

I am looking forward to…the service tonight, the last of the children in church tomorrow and the Christmas dinner with the ladies tomorrow afternoon

I am hearing…Frasier on TV

Around the house…kind of clean, kind of untidy, kind of “lived in”…

I am pondering…what to get Ethan for Christmas

One of my favourite things…is playing music

A few plans for the rest of the week: Church tonight, church tomorrow morning, lunch with church ladies then a few days away from church to reacquaint myself with my own house and my crochet hook!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


The part of the Christmas story that resonates the most with me is the shepherds. I have always been fascinated by their story and each year my ideas and thoughts change but my basic feeling is one of “oneness” with them. It has only been this year that something clicked into place for me and it is through the work that we have been doing with the children at the local primary school. Somehow, hearing the story through their ears has given a new slant for me on the whole Christmas story and what strikes me in particular this year is just how ordinary the shepherds are. Low class, hard working, ordinary men who lived outdoors and tended sheep. It’s that ordinary-ness that really touches me because it shows us that Jesus is one of us and is amongst us ordinary people, not just those in high stations of power or royalty. We all deserve to be by His side.



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4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 11th December”

  1. Hi Pam! Is there a link for The Simple Woman’s Daybook? I thought the idea had come from a different blog, but I can’t seem to find my way back there. I’m going to do it in my post tonight and wanted to give the proper credit for it.

    Remember to subscribe to my blog, Living The Seasons. I moved my dogear6 stuff there yesterday and sent you an invite.




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