Santa Lucia

It is Santa Lucia Day today – or St Lucy’s Day for those of us who are not Italian!

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Celebrated (unusually) in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Santa Lucia’s Day is the Christian feast day of St Lucy who was martyred for refusing to give up her virginity. She is the patron saint of those who are blind because she wanted to consecrate her life to God and when she refused to marry a pagan husband he had her eyes put out with a fork. Nice man. St Lucy is also only one of seven women to be mentioned by name in the Catholic Canon of the Mass.

Her name – Lucy – means “lux”, or “light”. To Scandinavians light, especially at this time of the year is particularly precious and today is the day that the pre-Gregorians observed the Winter Solstice which is the beginning of the return of light.

We now know that the solstice is 21st or the 22nd December, only a couple of days before the Western Christian people celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the feast to celebrate the birth of Jesus who is the light of the world.

I invite you to welcome the light into your heart today to illuminate the darkness within. It only takes one pin-prick of light in the darkness to make all the difference.

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