What Is Your Astrological Sign?

I took this topic from a Plinky prompt, but I got frustrated with the formatting limitations on Plinky’s site so I’m producing this directly in WordPress. Sorry Plinky!!

What is your astrological sign?

I was born under the sign of Cancer which is symbolised by a crab. I am not crabby by nature I would like to point out, although those closest by me would argue that on the very odd occasion I might be a little – ahem – “short”.

I was also born in the year of the Pig in the Chinese calendar and I think those characteristics sum me up better than those of the crab. Here is what Zodiac.com have to say about pigs:

Occupying the last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the 12th, the Pig symbolizes such character traits as diligence, compassion, and generosity. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining, others enjoy their company. Pigs are giving souls and reap much enjoyment when they’re helping others, but sometimes they give too much. Honesty is what Pigs give and it’s what they expect to receive in return. Yes, this is me to a “t”!!
Pigs seek peace and will do what is necessary to maintain it. This trait, while admirable, sometimes makes it easy for others to take advantage of Pigs. Pigs are always doing for others, helping anyway they can, but rarely will they ask others for help. This can overwhelm and stress them, but Pigs don’t mind. Yes….me again.
When it comes to money, Pigs enjoy spending more than saving. They gravitate towards name brand items. Thriftiness happens only occasionally, but Pigs do know how to find great deals. No, this is not me at all. I don’t like spending money at all (probably because we have never had any to spare!) and I don’t like buying branded items at all. I refuse to be a sheep and buy things just because other people are buying them, hence why my mp3 player is a Sony and not an iPod etc.
Always seeking fun, Pigs often indulge more than they should. Excessive eating, drinking and smoking can cause sickness. Pigs aren’t very active and, combined with their excessive behaviors, cause them to gain weight. Pigs are social and being alone makes them unhappy. Pigs would benefit from adopting a healthier lifestyle. Hmmm…not really me. I don’t eat or drink to excess and I have never smoked. I do like being active (except when my pain stops me). I do enjoy socialising but I am equally happy to be on my own. It doesn’t upset me. I’m starting to think I’m not like a traditional Chinese pig after all….
Pigs enjoy helping at work and can always be counted on. They enjoy opportunities that allow them to express their creativity. Pigs are detail-oriented, a trait admired by management. Pigs aren’t afraid to take on responsibility. Some good career choices for Pigs include: entertainer, caterer, doctor, veterinarian, or interior decorator. They’d do well in retail or hospitality. By and large, yes that’s me.
Supportive and giving, Pigs make great partners. They’re affectionate and sexual and prefer staying home to going out. They enjoy what they have, especially their home and family. Once they find the right partner, they’re typically committed for the long-term. Definitely me!!
Pigs and the 5 elements
Metal Pigs – Years 1911 and 1971
Metal Pigs have a tough exterior, and this strength can be seen in all areas of life. They work diligently and love with all they have. They’re outspoken and trust others right away. Yes yes yes!! That’s me, definitely. And yes, I was born in 1971.
Pigs are most compatible with a Rabbit or Goat and incompatible with the Monkey and Snake. My husband is a Rooster, my best friend is a Rat. Not sure I’m cut out to be a Chinese pig at all here!




About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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4 Responses to What Is Your Astrological Sign?

  1. pattisj says:

    You were wonderfully made in the image of your Creator. That fits you to a “T.”


  2. misswhiplash says:

    That was a lovely comment made by pattisj and I agree 100%


  3. Bi Béo says:

    Hmm, my words for Cancer traits are
    “Emotional and loving
    Intuitive and imaginative
    Shrewd and cautious
    Protective and sympathetic”



  4. Maxi Malone says:

    Accept who you are, it brings peace within.


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