Five Things I Am Good At


I am not one for blowing my own trumpet so this is going to be hard…but here we go:

1. Blowing my own trumpet. No, seriously! I have played the cornet and trumpet since I was 7 years old and after 33+ years I am quite good now. Well, so I’m told anyway.

2. I am good at weighing people up. Generally speaking I know within seconds of meeting someone whether or not we are going to get on. I suppose it could be said that “weighing people up” and “judging people” are the same thing, but not to me. I can sum you up without judging you quite easily – realising what you are about is not the same as having an opinion on it.

3. One of my strengths is that I come up with creative ideas all the time but one of my weaknesses is that I don’t always have the energy or motivation to follow them up.

4. I’m good in the kitchen. I can rustle up tasty grub for my family and friends that is tasty, filling and nutritious and what I lack in technical skill I more than make up for satisfied tummies!

5. I am good at understanding people. I understand people’s pain, joy, happiness, sadness, difficulties, needs, wants, relationships, motivation etc. Sometimes that is not the blessing it seems to be.


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