I love Boxing Day…and today has been great. Today has been a day of comforting cocooning in the Pamster household and it has been wonderful. No phones, no visitors, no get-up time, no get-dressed time, no time-to-eat time just peace and quiet and a couple of films on the telly.


I have started my next crochet project too (it’s too much for me to just sit here and do nothing) and I’m looking forward to another day of being cocooned again tomorrow. I can guarantee that I’ll be fed up of it by tomorrow night, but for now, I’m happy to be struck with cabin fever. It’s what family Christmases are all about and I’m embracing it with all my heart.

Yesterday was absolutely brilliant. I didn’t say too much about it yesterday because 1) I was too tired and 2) it all seemed a bit too surreal and I wanted to let it settle and ferment in my mind before I committed it to the blogsphere!

We got up early-ish to open presents and have a quick brew and then we headed out into the street at about 9.45 to play carols for our neighbours. It was really nice too! We were all a bit apprehensive about it at first because it’s the first time we’ve played for our neighbours, but once we got going we were fine. There were lots of smiling faces at windows and a few people came out to wish us Merry Christmas and to stand and listen for a bit. It was a really lovely feeling. There were all five of us playing – Me, Kevin, Emma, Ethan and Sam – on three cornets and two trombones. We made a pretty good sound and all!

Just after 10, we hopped on down to church to play for people as they were arriving and Eddie asked us would we like to play during the service too.  We were getting into our stride by then so said yes gladly. I had already been asked to lead the intercessions (another first) and the atmosphere in church was so warm and welcoming. It was a privilege to be a component part of it.

After the service, lots of people said how nice it was to have brass music on Christmas Day and how much it had put the cherry on it for them. I was so pleased to have been able to give them a smile and like I said, it was a privilege.

Then we were off to my mother in law’s house to play some more carols for her (she is housebound and suffers terribly from the affects of Parkinson’s Disease) and we spent an hour there before heading home to get our Christmas dinner ready. She was really pleased to see us (if you can call getting teary at having family playing carols at your front door “pleased”) and again, it was a privilege and a pleasure to be able to give someone a smile.

When we got home, the whole family swung into full teamwork mode and it was an absolute DREAM to get things ready for our celebratory meal. We had prepared some of the vegetables before we went out to play in the street, and the turkey had been cooked the evening before but there was still so much to do it was eye-watering! Kevin, Sam and Ethan totally cleared the living room and moved all the furniture round so we could fit in two borrowed fold up tables for the meal. Emma helped me in the kitchen finishing the vegetable prep and was a complete angel when it came to keeping on top of the washing up as we got everything ready. My Mum and Dad arrived with the pork and they too got stuck in with getting it ready – Dad’s a dab hand with the carving knife and Mum supervised everything… I had planned on having our meal ready for about 3pm, and we did well to be only half an hour “late”.

I say “late” because to be honest, the whole day just felt like it ran on rails yesterday and there wasn’t a timetable as such, so being half an hour off schedule wasn’t any sort of hardship at all.

Sat down for lunch was myself, Kevin, Emma, Ethan, Mum, Dad and my brother John. After dinner John went to collect his two children so we added Will and Jess to the party, and then later still Sam came with his brother Josh and we got stuck in on the Wii and the boys got busy talking Army talk and showing off their various bits of Army knowledge acquired between them.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this year has been the absolute best Christmas I have ever had. It’s difficult to put into words really, which is a shame because words are what I’m supposed to be good at, but the sense of belonging and sharing has been uppermost in everything that we have done in all the preparation for Christmas, the lead up, the church services, the gift giving and the ultimate Christmas Dinner and then the clan gathering afterwards.

The sense of belonging and sharing has what has made it for me this year. With a very tight budget and not a lot of money to be cash-rich with, we have more than made up for it in other ways.

It’s the future. I recommend it!!

After the events of yesterday and the lead up to it during Advent, I think I’ve earned my right to be cocooned today, don’t you?!



5 thoughts on “Cocooned”

  1. What a great day! I can see why you wanted to mull it over before sharing.

    I’m happy for you and yes, I think you earned the right to cocoon today. Not that you needed anyone’s permission for a day or two off from life :).



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