Daybook Entry – 28th December



Outside my window…the weather is gearing up for a storm. It’s dark, cold, windy, wintry, sleety showers and ever so unwelcoming.

I am thinking…about business plans for next year.

I am thankful…for so much it’s hard to narrow down today. Mainly that there is so much food and drink in the house!

I am praying for…guidance.

In the kitchen…is stacks of leftovers and salad so meals are not a problem for the next few days.

I am wearing…cutoffs and a polo shirt

I am creating…a blanket for my mother in law and so much more that’s in the pipeline (all will be revealed!)

I am going…to sort some food out for the family shortly.

I am wondering…if Freddie Mercury would still be performing now if he was still alive and what sort of direction his music would have taken.

I am reading… “Don’t Look Back” by Scott Frost. It’s a bit of a clichéd and formulaic police procedural with a predictable cop-with-a-back-story as the protagonist, but it’s ok to pass the time with I suppose.

I am hoping…I can earn some money in the next couple of months from my plans.

I am looking forward to…getting back into a routine after New Year

I am hearing…a Queen concert on the TV from 1975.

Around the house…teenagers lolling about, Christmas decorations, candles, blankets, chocolate boxes…yup, it’s HOME!

I am pondering…how best to market my business online.

One of my favourite things…having a bath or a shower just before bedtime and then getting into a nice clean bed, with crisp sheets and plumped up pillows.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing much – we are in hibernation mode so not much venturing out of the house but lots of cooking of soups and stews, games with the kids and films on TV.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… the view from my chair this afternoon!


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