Pam’s New Year’s Eve Thoughts

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve, and all it means to look back and look forward at the same time, here’s my last post of 2011.

I’ve done a lot of growing this year both spiritually and in terms of my own personal development and I want to share a couple of tips with you on how I did it. I hope it helps you!

1. It’s not all about you. Take your own self out of the equation and suddenly the solution presents itself.

2. Being bored isn’t the end of the world. The gaps boredom creates allow new things to come in.

3. Say “yes” even when you can’t see the “how”. Challenging yourself by saying yes in certain circumstances can lead you on paths that you never knew were there, and the “how” will happen naturally.

4. Everything happens for a reason and you are not necessarily entitled to know the reason at the time it happens. Get over it, and get on with it (see number 1 above).

5. Appreciate the gifts you DO have; don’t spend your time ruing the gifts you DON’T have.

6. You have all the tools and skills necessary to make your life a success already. You might not see it, but they are there underneath and ready for you to pick up when you can; just relax.

7. Don’t hanker after the things you haven’t got a hope of getting – and that includes friends, partners, jobs, answers…

8. Giving up on something isn’t the same as failing at it. Sometimes accepting you are on the wrong track and going back is better than keeping going and getting further bogged down with something.

9. Related to the point above, failure is not a bad thing. Failure is the opportunity to learn something new and develop a new approach to a problem.

10. You don’t have to spend money to make other people happy. Just being you and doing what you do is enough so long as you do it with love and light in your heart.

11. Take time out for prayer and meditation.

12. Give thanks to God for everything.

I’ve learned all this through the year one way or another and I can honestly say that my life has been transformed this year. At this point last year I had literally nothing to live for…or so I thought…and with all these life lessons realised life is so much better I can’t begin to tell you.

No matter how bad things seem, no matter how doubtful or full of despair they are, no matter how much you are hurting or how negative the world seems there are ALWAYS signs of hope and light.

My heart goes out to friends – both online and in person – who have lost loved ones this year and who have just survived the hardest Christmas they will ever survive. Please don’t give up hope on ever being happy again, but please, give yourself time to grieve before you attempt to move on.

My very best wishes to every one of my followers and readers for the coming year. It has been a privilege to walk the path of 2011 with you and I hope we will continue our journey together.

Love and light to you all,




8 thoughts on “Pam’s New Year’s Eve Thoughts”

  1. all true…mostly common sense…but we need reminding from time to time…often, in fact.

    i’ll try hard to remember them in 2012…and always…

    happy new year … 🙂


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