English English vs American English

You know how they say that England and America are two nations divided by a common language? Well let me show you that in the world of crocheting, that truism is rife and is a constant source of a headache for me. I'm sure I'm not alone This is the result of reading a crochet …

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The Bible – What Is It For?

  So, what's the Bible all about then? Is it a history book? A guidebook? A source of wisdom? An instruction book on how to be a Christian? A hoax? How do we use it? What is it FOR?? We were discussing it last week on the Alpha course and there were lots of things …

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How To Feel Miserable As An Artist

  This is all so true, and not just for artists neither! Musicians, writers, chefs...in fact anyone who is remotely creative falls foul of this little lot at some time or another. I suppose it goes with the territory...  

Positive Thought For Today


Thought For Today – 22nd Jan

  The most accurate value of our worth is how much we value ourselves. When we value who we are, we are sure to draw to us others who value us as much. When we are needy, deficient, lacking confidence and self-esteem, we will find ourselves in situations and among people that reinforce those views. …

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It’s Wakey Shakey Makey Time!!!

It's Wakey Shakey Makey Time... ...or so I keep telling myself. I have found it extremely difficult to motivate myself into doing much of anything this week and to be honest, loyal readers, I feel like I've not only let myself down but I've let you down as well. But do not fear, you are …

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Out Of Sorts

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like a pencil, you look like a pencil, you have a point like a pencil....but you aren't just in line with the other pencils in the pot?   Yeah...me too 😦    

Psalm 139

I wanted to share these words with you because we sang them during our morning worship earlier today. We had a few visitors this morning because there was a baptism, and so to get the service underway Eddie our minister told a brilliant little story about how with power from God, little seeds can become …

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Here Comes That Rainbow Again

I defy you to listen to this and not get choked up    

My Cheezy Weekend!!

I've had an absolute ball of a weekend! Starting Friday night with the rehearsal of Phoenix Brass and The Cheez Rockers and ending today with a three hour recording session it has been a blast. It all started about a year ago when I was asked to arrange some brass parts to accompany  folk singer …

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