Three-Word 2012

To resolve or not to resolve? That is the question

I have given a lot of thought to the subject of making resolutions to kick the new year off with, but I wanted to stay away from the same old same old *yawn* boring and unrealistic statements that get trotted out every year and fall by the wayside within a few weeks.

Yes I need to lose weight but I refuse to go on a diet so that one is out. (The reason for my outright refusal to “diet” is that I have been on so many different eating regimes in my adult life and I am forever the biggest I have ever been that it is pointless, especially seeing as though I have got health problems that stop me eating probably about four days out of every seven as it is. I don’t see why I should restrict my calories on my “yay I can eat!” days just for the sake of forcing my body to lose weight. Actually, my weight is dropping quite nicely without even thinking about it at the moment so I am not going to tinker with anything that will stop that progress).

Yes I should probably take more exercise, but again, with the health problems that I have got, on the days where I have energy to move around I much prefer to catch up on the fun things I couldn’t do when I was laid up, such as laundry, sweeping the floors, loading the dishwasher… I’m not kidding!

I could resolve to give up smoking….but I don’t smoke so that’s a waste of a resolution.

There are other things, but you get the general idea? I don’t want to make a resolution to DO anything differently just for the sake of it, which led me to thinking that perhaps I should resolve to BE something different.

But what?

I don’t want to undergo a total personality change but perhaps there are things I could change my attitude to and therefore become someone different? But there again, I have gone through such a transformation in the last 12 months I don’t really want to change any further before I have the chance to take stock and live with those changes for a little while. (Those of you who have been following me for a while will know how different my outlook on life is now compared to what it was at this point last year).

So. Resolutions. What to do? What to state at the outset? What to change (if anything)? What to adopt? What to embrace? How to challenge myself? What goals to set??

I came across Chris Brogan’s blog when I was looking for ideas for my post today, and he has got a great idea. Following his example I’m going to sum up my intentions for the coming year in three words:

Earn – Having the rug pulled from under me by the government this year when I was at my lowest point has taught me the need to become more self-sufficient in terms of earning money. I am not well enough to go and get a job (and hold it down), but surely there is something I can do to earn money. Buy and sell things? Handicrafts? Web services? Teaching? I’ve got a few avenues to explore so watch this space.

Give – Everything from time spent with other people, to thanks to God for the blessings in my life I will give more. Up until about four months ago my life had been on hold for the previous year and a half and my natural sense of giving had hibernated. It’s time to revive it.

Create – Opportunities, crafts, writing, food, music…they are all on the list and I can’t wait to get cracking!!

Earn, give, create.

That’s my three-word 2012. What about yours?



7 thoughts on “Three-Word 2012”

  1. I have never ever made a resolution…If something needs doing..then get it done now… New Year resolutions always fall at the first hurdle so not worth the effort


  2. Four words (but one is a): Keep a writer’s practice.

    With these four words, I hope for both earning and learning. (Like a doctor’s practice)

    Cheers for your three words! Robin


  3. I am not a resolution maker, which keeps me from being a resolution breaker. I like your intentions for 2012 and the 3 words you selected.

    On the earning front, although not lucrative, I have found being a guide for to be fun. They have only recently launched in the U.K. It might be something to take a look at. The real beauty of ChaCha is you guide only when you wish. It is a real honest venture. I am not ‘spamming’ you. Teaching/tutoring is in my background. I wish you well if you decide to get into that. It presents challenges but is also very rewarding.

    All the best to you in 2012 as you earn, give, & create.


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