Daybook Entry 10th Jan


Outside my window…is a windblown garden in disarray. Fortunately it is dark and therefore I can’t see it.

I am thinking…I need to go a find a sharp point to punch through the leather binding I’m making for a book.

I am thankful…for my God-given musical gift.

I am praying for…baby Kyle.

In the kitchen…I’m going to be making some sort of cake tomorrow. I’m thinking chocolate traybake or something like that.

I am wearing…comfy bottoms and black t-shirt

I am creating…I am crocheting a hat to my own design but I am struggling with the sizing of it on the crown. I know how to do it, I just can’t actually do it!!

I am going…to be starting the Alpha course on Thursday night. Really looking forward to it.

I am wondering…how I am going to be stretched by the projects I have got going on at the moment.

I am reading…just finished “Ghost Song” by Sarah Rayne. It is a fantastic book and I will be doing a proper review of it in a day or so. I’m toying with which book to pick up next.

I am hoping…that tomorrow is a less painful day and I can get on with what I need to – a bit of shopping and a bit of baking etc

I am looking forward to…finishing my first bound book

I am hearing…celebrities baking on TV

Around the house…is a nightmare……don’t even ask me…..

I am pondering…getting things off the ground and getting some of my crafts SOLD!

One of my favourite things…laughing at the TV with my family

A few plans for the rest of the week: baking tomorrow, Alpha course Thursday, music arranging before weekend, planning a proper shop for Saturday and getting some proper food inside my family.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

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