Diary of 5

Diary of 5

I am taking part in a new meme today and I’m looking forward to linking up with some new blog-mates.  Here’s my first “Diary of 5” entry. If you want to join in click the picture and follow the instructions there. It is a sister blog to the “Simple Woman’s Daybook” which is a great blogging tool to help you stop and take stock. I love doing those every now and again and I’m looking forward to doing the Diary of 5 as well.

Here goes!

I am seeing…a busy worktable with a half-finished project

I am hearing…the sounds of a cup of tea being made by my daughter in the kitchen

I am smelling…cow gum from the above mentioned project

I tasted…Marmite on toast for my dinner because it was the only thing my stomach could tolerate today

I am feeling…very upbeat and looking forward to just about everything



10 thoughts on “Diary of 5”

  1. You can find your worktable? I need to try that. You had me there for a minute. I had to google “cow gum” and wondered why your daughter was making tea with it. LOL Now I get it, it’s the project on your worktable! You were just making sure I’m awake, weren’t you?


    1. Haha!! My worktable doubles up as our kitchen table so yes, I have to be able to find it occasionally lol!! Cow gum is a rubber-based adhesive that is great for bonding paper to cloth, or cloth to PVC etc which is what I’m using to bind my book. I think its proper name is “studio gum” but I know it as cow gum. Possibly because it is the rendered down hooves or something. It certainly smells like it!!!!


    1. I’m on a roll today Maxi, making up for the disappointing day yesterday. Ingredients sat on the worktop ready to make for our tea, there’s a vanilla and chocolate marble cake in the oven as we speak and when my husband gets home from work carrying an awl for me then my book will be finished tonight as well. It certainly feels good to be achieving something rather than just sit moping around planning it!

      Best wishes, Pam


    1. Thanks 🙂 Tummy is marginally better today – at least I can face food!

      Marmite is a yeast extract spread that I have on toast. It’s one of those artificial food products that either horrifies people or makes them salivate. Me, I love it! It’s good for me on days when I can’t face food because it has a very strong flavour and therefore you don’t need a lot of it to make a difference. You know when you have an off stomach and your mouth tastes bad? Marmite cuts through that for me and gives me a better taste. I think the Australian equivalent is Vegemite.


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