Making Plans

There’s nothing like a bright sunny day to inspire you to make plans for the future.

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you live, but here in Manchester it has been a cold, bright day with yet another spectacular sunset. I have spent much of the day today sat at my worktable in its own little patch of sunlight, but when I have taken a break I have found my thoughts wandering forwards and thinking about going away.

Going away in our caravan at Easter in particular.

I suppose it’s only natural that after Christmas, when daylight hours begin to get longer, that thoughts start to percolate through the layers and start forming into ideas about how to spend holiday time. Traditionally we go away either over the Easter weekend or during the week afterwards, depending on what else is going on. Last year we spent the Easter weekend in Durham and we went to the Easter Sunday Communion Service at Durham Cathedral. As nice as it was, I felt I was missing something back at my home church so this year I would like to be at home for the big weekend but then perhaps go away on the Monday afterwards.

I am thinking about heading to the Midlands this year. I have wanted to visit Warwick Castle for quite a while now and I think the Easter holidays is an ideal time to go this year. We want to go north for the summer break, but Easter is open to suggestions yet. Warwick Castle is well known for having lots of activities on and I’m hoping that they will have a decent program for kids around Easter and I’d like to head down that way this year.

If you don’t know where Warwick Castle is, if you think about Shakespeare country then you won’t be far off. From a central campsite we can visit the castle, see more of Stratford than we have already seen and maybe visit a couple of other attractions within reasonable driving distance.

I’m particularly thinking of the West Wycombe Caves. They are reputedly haunted and have been featured on a couple of ghost hunting programs on TV in recent years. I have been down there once before when I was probably about 17 or so ( a LONG time ago!!) but it would be interesting to see down there again now I’m an adult and will have my own two kids in tow.

Even if we don’t see many attractions it will still be nice to be away from home as a family and enjoying some nice fresh air and good food. I love my little caravan and love being in it with the gang. It’s looking a bit tired and old now, but I don’t really care. So long as it keeps the rain out I am happy to go away and spend my holidays in it.

I love making plans.




5 thoughts on “Making Plans”

  1. What I like about making plans is that it gives me time to think them over before it’s time for me to take action. It also gives me something to daydream about 🙂



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