Fictitious Police Quiz – Answers

Thank you to those who joined in and either commented or emailed me after yesterday’s post. Here are the answers:

1. In his series of police investigation novels, all of which contain the word “prey” in their titles, John Sandford presents which hero?

Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport

2. Ian Rankin has put Edinburgh on the map with his series featuring which Detective Inspector?

D.I. John Rebus

3. And J Wallace Martin did the same thing for Manchester in her “Bird Yard”, leaving the investigation to whom?

D.S. Parker

4. In 1997 Lisa See introduced us to crime in China with “The Flower Net” featuring which policewoman?

Detective Lin Hulan

5. Michael Connelly began a series about a Los Angles Police Dept. detective in “The Black Echo”. What is the detective’s name?

Harry Bosch

6. James Patterson has a series including “Cat and Mouse” all about the same detective. What is his name?

Alex Cross

7. John Connolly began a series about Detective Charlie “Bird” Parker in 1999 with which murder mystery?

Every Dead Thing

8. In 2000 Mo Hayder’s first thriller was called “Birdman” and it introduced us to whom?

D.I. Jack Caffery

9. In “Prayer For The Dead”, “Close To The Bone” and “The Edge of Sleep” David Wiltse has created an unusual investigator. His name?

John Becker

10. A classic series with Scotland Yard background was created by John Creasey under the pseudonym J J Marric, about which detective?

Gideon of the Yard

11. What is the name of Greg Iles’ Louisiana-based cop?

Dave Robicheaux

12. In “Hornet’s Nest” and “Southern Cross” Patricia Cornwell presents two new female cops, a Police Chief and her Deputy. Can you name either of them?

Judy Hammer and Virginia West

13. Linda Fairstein’s heroine is not a police woman but an Assistant DA in New York in three books. Her name is …?

Alexandra Cooper

14. James Patterson’s thriller “1st To Die” is about a female homicide inspector in San Fransisco. Her name please.

Lindsay Boxer

15. What is the name of Martina Cole’s policewoman heroine?

D.I. Kate Burrows

Leave your answers as comments below and I will let you know which are correct. Have fun!!

Questions taken from “The Great Book Of World Facts, Lists and Quizzes”.


2 thoughts on “Fictitious Police Quiz – Answers”

  1. I kept forgetting to come back here. The reason I didn’t answer #11 is that I didn’t know. However, Dave Robicheaux is from James Lee Burke series. THAT I would have known that answer to. I don’t know who Greg Iles’ characters are.


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