It’s Wakey Shakey Makey Time!!!

It’s Wakey Shakey Makey Time…

…or so I keep telling myself.

I have found it extremely difficult to motivate myself into doing much of anything this week and to be honest, loyal readers, I feel like I’ve not only let myself down but I’ve let you down as well.

But do not fear, you are not alone. My family has been let down too.

I set out with such enthusiasm last Sunday – oh boy the things I was going to do this week you wouldn’t believe it!! I was going to cook healthy and nutritious meals for the family all week from scratch; I was going to finish making my bound books that I started last week and had left for the gum to harden; I was going to make a big headway into arranging some music; I was going to respond to a business proposal from a new colleague; I was going to clean the house from top to bottom; I was going to finish crocheting my own designed hat in Arran wool; I was going to design an arigurumi clown; I was going to write the prayers for tomorrow’s service; I was going to write a quality blog post every day….goodness, the list is seemingly endless.

I don’t need to tell you that I didn’t do any of it do I?

Partly because I had an “episode” that began on Sunday and lasted til Wednesday-ish and partly because once the episode had peaked I couldn’t get my arse into gear and DO anything.

So. This post is a bit of an apology for the rubbish you have had to endure this week from me and it’s is also a post to give me a bit of a wake-up and a shake up to get me in the “making” mood again.

I’m not going to set myself an agenda as such for the coming week, but it won’t surprise you if at the end of it I manage to hit quite a few of my goals (that are not technically agenda items…which is my way of avoiding feeling so disappointed in myself next weekend, you see?!) which I will be reporting to next weekend. All being well.

Come on Pamster….GET MOVING!!!!!!!



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