Daybook Entry 27th January




Outside my window…it’s dark, misty, murky, cold, dank and miserable

I am thinking…I wish I could describe the weather a bit better than I just did!

I am thankful…I have a fully functioning central heating system

In the kitchen…is the remains of the birthday cake I made for my son yesterday

I am wearing…black t-shirt and dark blue (fleece lined) jogging bottoms

I am creating…granny squares for a crocheting demonstration tomorrow

I am going…to the craft club/coffee morning at church tomorrow morning

I am wondering…about the validity of my own existence (yes, I’m feeling very sorry for myself at the minute!)

I am praying for…my brother John who broke his wrist yesterday; the family and friends of Paige Holt who died last week from cystic fibrosis; personal guidance about my own future; my daughter’s exam results

I am reading…Leviticus – we had a discussion last night about the Bible at the Alpha course and the subject of Leviticus came up. We were talking about the purity laws and how relevant they were then and are now. I felt a bit out of my depth because I my “technical” knowledge of the Bible is pretty poor so I’m doing a bit of hurried catch-up reading

I am hoping…for a couple of snow days next week so the family can stay at home with me; warm and cosy, lots of tea and soup, homemade bread and board games

I am looking forward to…bedtime. I haven’t slept well this week, what with visual hallucinations one night, and auditory ones (not sure if that’s a proper technical term, but it’s the only way I can describe hearing voices and things that aren’t there!) the next, and then some very strange nightmares/night terrors the night after, I haven’t rested or recovered AT ALL this week.

I am learning…you can’t always trust people in positions where you *should* be able to trust them to have your best interests at heart

Around the house…is a skip-load of laundry (I swear to God, I’m sure I’ve got the neighbour’s washing as well as my own….), tidy kitchen, various partially-finished craft projects littered around and about, random bits of crap and a general “lived in” feel to the house

I am pondering…open a bottle of wine  or make a cup of tea?

A favourite quote for today… “The time for repairing the roof is when the sun is shining” John F Kennedy

One of my favourite things…clean sheets, clean bed, clean body….ah bliss!

A few plans for the rest of the week: craft club coffee morning tomorrow, church Sunday, PCC meeting after the service and nothing else is on my agenda for the next couple of days.

A peek into my day…

Tired...and medicated....and desperately trying to stay upright...

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5 thoughts on “Daybook Entry 27th January”

  1. “dark, misty, murky, cold, dank and miserable” — sure sounds like an apt description of a winter day in England. We are having day real rainy day here in Vermont, USA and my husband commented that it reminded him of Britain. My reply was yes, but I can not go out and do any of the things we might do if we were in Britain, like catch an evensong at a cathedral*, or go into a teashop for a cheese ‘n tomato toastie.
    * Yes, we have been to Manchester Cathedral at least twice, including being allowed to watch the choir rehearse.


    1. I hadn’t realised you have been to Manchester!! And lucky you getting to hear the choir practicing in the cathedral! I’ve been to the cathedral many times and have performed there with various bands and groups over the years too. I LOVE that place, even though many people criticise it for being too dark and miserable on the inside. The cathedral stands for much of what I love about Manchester and when the IRA set off their last bomb in mainland Britain in 1996 it was damaged only superficially, much like Manchester itself. I’d love to go to Vermont. It’s definitely on my “need to visit before I die” list, along with Maine, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle and Oregon. I just hope that the weather isn’t as British as it is here tonight when we get there lol! Thanks for your comments tonight, I love hearing back from my readers 🙂


  2. Hope you opted for the wine…sounds like it would help the sleep. Leviticus huh? That would challenge even the avid bible scholar in my opinion! Hope that your day is filled with bright sunshine and cheer. Joy comes from within…


  3. Where I live not far from Sydney in NSW, Australia, we have lots of sunshine, usually. Whenever there’s a period of dark days because of cloud cover and drizzly rain, we say this weather is exactly like what we were used to in Berlin!


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