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How To Feel Miserable As An Artist


This is all so true, and not just for artists neither! Musicians, writers, chefs…in fact anyone who is remotely creative falls foul of this little lot at some time or another. I suppose it goes with the territory…



5 thoughts on “How To Feel Miserable As An Artist”

  1. Oh I think the list can apply to any human being whether a check-out clerk, hamburg flipper, business tycoon, student, parent, whatever. Society gives “artists” more leeway for being temperamental so being in a creative field strikes me as a little bit of a safety value & less likely to promote misery than non creative fields where you are expected to be robotic.


  2. Do you know. Pam, what makes me feel miserable? When I’ve been trying to put my view across and the computer mucks it up totally! The whole comment just wiped out! It’s so frustrating!
    As someone who writes only for pleasure maybe I should consider to look into Numbers 1, 4 and 5. I can only get better by writing more and reading more.
    This now is only a short comment and maybe much better than what I originally wrote!


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