English English vs American English

You know how they say that England and America are two nations divided by a common language? Well let me show you that in the world of crocheting, that truism is rife and is a constant source of a headache for me. I’m sure I’m not alone

This is the result of reading a crochet pattern in English English instead of the American English that it was written in….


The pattern said to stitch in double crochet stitches (dc’s) which to the English is what would give you the result on the left. I must have had a total mind block last night because what an American dc means is an English treble. Not much difference is there….hahaha!! (The colour change is entirely a conscious decision by the way).

I’m going to finish the square on the right now by adding a flower. What’s the betting it is going to be done twice before I read the pattern right?!




7 thoughts on “English English vs American English”

  1. I think that crochet notation is the ONLY thing in the whole world that makes more sense in American English. Single for one draw through, Double for two… It just seems easier than thinking about the number of loops on the hook, which the English system is based on, which is why I use it in my own patterns!


    1. I agree!! I’m not that proficient to make up my own patterns yet and am still a bit of rookie, which doesn’t help my poor little brain trying to work out which system the pattern is written in.


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