Advertising Overkill

I apologise in advance here, but this post is going to be a rant….

Have you noticed how much advertising there is nowadays? The little marketing bastards get you from every which way possible. Total overkill; totally unwarranted and unwanted.

Let me illustrate with a couple of points:

If you “like” something on Facebook, you are forevermore thereafter bombarded with adverts based on them.

You might do a google search for stationery items at your LOCAL stationers and thereafter, wherever there is an adsense box on a website anywhere in the world, your recent search items appear in it.

You look up an item on Amazon (in my most recent case and the catalyst for this ranty little post…) such as a Sony Walkman but because they are ALL out of your price range you don’t buy one there and then, they send you daily emails for a week afterwards saying “you recently looked up Sony Walkmans, have you thought about purchasing one of these” with a list of Sony Walkmans THAT I HAVE ALREADY SEEN BUT DIDN’T BUY BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL TOO EXPENSIVE. What on earth do Amazon think I want with a week’s worth of emails advertising something I have already looked up and discarded??!

Why do we have to be bombarded with advertising wherever we go? I don’t get out much, and daytime TV is absolute torture because of the repetitive adverts so I turn to the internet…only to be ambushed on there as well.

Why the need for overkill like this? Am I alone?? If I want something I’ll do the research and weigh it up for myself thank you. And if I don’t buy something there and then THERE IS A REASON FOR IT!!!!

Sorry to shout and rant about it but the emails from Amazon have pushed all the wrong buttons today. If I were to make a wish list of everything that I want, a Sony Walkman MP3 would probably be somewhere quite high up on the list. But my financial obligations are such at the moment that it may as well appear at the bottom for all the chance I’ll have of buying one. Same goes for a holiday, a new car, an iPad, a new mobile phone, new clothes, luxury food from Marks and Spencer, private health care….

I do not need the advertising and marketing boffins at any of the companies that I might consider buying from to ram their products down my throat at every given opportunity. And I do mean every opportunity. Gah!!!!!



6 thoughts on “Advertising Overkill”

  1. You just summed up my feelings exactly. I’ve bought many of my textbooks through Amazon as they’re typically quite a bit cheaper from there than in the campus bookstore and so I now get daily (sometimes more than 1 a day!) emails from Amazon about every single deal, sale, etc ever offered on. Drives me CRAZY!


  2. Yeah, Pam!!! You have said exactly what David and I have yelled at the TV sooo many times. Aaand…

    Me at my e-mail box (David wasn’t into the computer)…

    It’s competition in the “ad world” that causes us such pain…

    Thank you for this one, good job.

    Blessings – Maxi


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