Diary of 5

Diary of Five – 9th Feb

I am seeing…a chair with my crochet paraphernalia on it to my left, two cuddly blankets on the settee to my right, my laptop screen in front of me and darkness outside the window beyond the top of my screen.

I am hearing…Ghosthunters on TV. They are in Mark Twain’s house and I don’t recognise any of the team other than Grant and Jason.

I am smelling…daffodils on the shelf above my TV. They were a gift from my daughter who bought them just because she knew I like them.

I tasted…Chinese noodles and veggies for my tea.

I am feeling…extremely low. This extended spell of pain is getting me down and I have had a letter today saying that the little bit of sickness benefit I had been being paid will be withdrawn on the grounds that I am fit to work. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..yes that’s the sound of me getting hysterical. And it’s not funny.





4 thoughts on “Diary of Five – 9th Feb”

  1. What a thoughtful gift your daughter gift gave you. Bet the daffodils smell wonderful. Sorry to hear about the issue with the sickness benefit. That would be very disappointing.


  2. Chinese noodles and veggies for your tea? Tea as in time, or tea as in beverage? So sweet of your daughter to bless you with daffodils. Praying for you to feel better, whatever it takes. Our God is big enough to bring a solution.


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