Daybook Entry – 20th February


Outside my window…it is raining and starting to go dark.

I am thinking…about the issue of whether one of James Bulger’s killers should or should not receive compensation because his phone was hacked by the News of the World.

My gut instinct says that he shouldn’t, but then when I think about it I feel that he should. He was convicted of a crime when he was 10 years old and has served his time all in accordance with the laws of this land. However, he was reportedly the victim of phone hacking by journalists and therefore entitled to make a claim against them. As indeed have thousands of other people, many of whom are also not exactly squeaky clean and have also broken the law.

The question is, do convicted criminals have the same rights as everybody else when it comes to claiming compensation for having their privacy invaded, or do they fall into a separate category of citizen entirely? Is it that whereby even though they have served their time and are now back integrated as full members of society again they still have certain things withheld from them, such as the freedom to make a compensation claim if they are subsequently victims of crime themselves?

It is a tricky question for different reasons: the nature of the crime he committed, the age he was when he committed it, the fact that he is now a free man, the new identity he was given when he was released to protect him and that security has been breached by him being tracked down and monitored by journalists. There is the issue of profiting from his crime to consider – does it constitute “profiteering” if he receives compensation? After all, it is not he himself who has sought publicity, and this payment would not be in direct relation to the actual crime he committed. (The law in Great Britain is that no criminal is permitted to make a profit from their crime).

What about if he was the victim of another criminal act, or injured in an accident or something? Would the same questions be asked then? A lot of thinking!

I am thankful…for my friend Phil who took me out today. We only went to the library and the chemist, but it was a big step for me and he went out of his way to be kind to me.

In the kitchen…I now have a fridge that is not a biohazard any more. Who would have thought a cauliflower could have been forgotten for so long at the back of the salad drawer…??

I am wearing…same as ever, t-shirt and comfy sloppy joe pants!

I am creating…a blanket for my friend’s baby who is due in about a month. I have nearly finished piecing it together and then I have just got to do the border and it is ready for delivery. I will post photographs of it before I do though. I’m rather proud of it!

I am going…nowhere. I am not due to go anywhere and I haven’t got any plans to go anywhere in the next few days at all. But I do need a haircut.

I am wondering…what time Kevin will be home today from work. He has worked his toots off this past week and he worked a full day on Saturday as well, so had a very well deserved day of rest yesterday. He has got a lot on at the minute so I’m not expecting him home very early, but it would be nice if he came home soon.

I am reading…I have just finished Tess Gerritsen’s “The Sinner”  which I had borrowed from the library, and having just replaced my books today I have not yet started my next novel-type book. I did start reading “Call The Midwife” last night though, which is a true-life account of 1950’s London and the stories of a group of midwives there.

I am hoping…my friend likes the blanket I have made for her new baby.

I am looking forward to…having a nice read later on this evening.

I am learning…who my friends really are.

Around the house…things are pretty tidy. Well, compared to how it would look if a hurricane had passed through anyway.

I am pondering…what to cook for tea. Provisions are a bit low so it’s going to be a store-cupboard mash up I think.

A favourite quote for today… “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.”~ Ann Landers

One of my favourite things…hugs from my kids

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish my blanket, start another one for selling, reading a bit of writing, Alpha class on Thursday, a haircut maybe one day.

A peek into my day… 

I wondered what would come up when I put this URL in, and this is so cute!! Not really anything to do with my day, only that I have been doing a couple of online quizzes today on the DK website. There are some great categories if you fancy having a go. This picture is from a category called “Gaggle of Geese” and it is all about collective nouns. I was surprised at how many I already knew… *grins smugly*…

Come and join us at and join in!!


5 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 20th February”

  1. I love the library! Always a great place to get lost for awhile. Good questions on the above case you mentioned. Hope it all works out for the best. Sounds like me, science experiments in the fridge! lol


  2. Hi! I enjoyed browsing about your blog — thanks for dropping by and visiting me! You pose a tough question in your entry, but — just based on what I’ve read here and knowing no more about the person or subject — I’d be inclined to agree that he does have a claim. Hope your day is filled with hugs from your kids!! 🙂


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