Shrove Tuesday


Today is Shrove Tuesday. I wrote about what Shrove Tuesday means to us English people last year here, so I won’t repeat myself again this year but what I will do is show you how we made our pancakes at home instead.

This is my son Ethan heating the pan to start cooking a pancake.

I am proud to say we made our own pancake mix today – none of this shop-bought rubbish for us!! It’s easy peasy: take 8oz of plain flour, break an egg into it, beat it to get it going and then add enough milk in stages until the batter is the consistency of single cream. Let it stand for half an hour or so and then get cracking with your cooking!

Here’s one in the pan:

And the finished article:

As you can see, it’s just plain old Jif lemon and sugar for me. The kids used to fight over putting all sorts on their pancakes and they’ve had everything from jam to nutella by way of lemon curd and raisins (not all on the same one!!) but it’s plain and simple for me.

You can’t beat a bit of simple cooking!


7 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday”

  1. Great to hear you make them from scratch and that the kids help cook.

    My 4 are/still a bit young but they do help some.
    Our pancake mix is 4oz flour with 2 eggs, 200ml milk, pinch of salt.
    And the flip is a must!
    I’m with you on the sugar and lemon juice but the girls went with nutella.
    Good eating!


    1. Thanks Dave! I have to admit that 8oz of flour was a bit much and there is a lot of batter left…even with my son’s hearty appetite there was far too much made! I think next time I’ll err on the side of caution and just do half.


  2. Nothing wrong with leftovers. It was interesting to read of the topping (fillings) you use. Living in Vermont the only appropriate topping for pancakes is maple syrup. But I’m thinking your English pancakes are closer to what Americans think of as crepes. Whichever, it looks beautiful & delicious on your pretty plate.


  3. I have to admit that I didn’t realize that Shrove Tuesday was observed in England (could be because as Orthodox I don’t observe Shrove Tuesday as we start Lent on a different date). Dom you mind if I ask how much Lent is observed in England?


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