Simple Pleasures

I went for a walk today.

Nothing special in that you might think, only that I haven’t left the house on my own for about six weeks now so it was a massive milestone for me, and it was a huge leap for my confidence to just get over the threshold and out in the fresh air.

I took my Mum and Dad’s dog Bella for a walk. Just a short stroll but it was all I could manage before the pain got too much. It’s true what they say about the simplest things in life holding the most pleasure. The weather was lovely – it was so mild, the sun was out and there was just the gentlest hint of a gentle breeze to stir things up a bit. We just walked up the main road which has a small wooded patch alongside. Isn’t it funny how your sense of smell is so important to memories and emotions? The smell of the damp earth drying in the sun was just such a trigger for me. I couldn’t tell you what of, only that I felt at home and was comforted by it.

Bella is a great dog, so gentle and obedient, and she is great company when you’re lonely. She is so easy to communicate with too – just a look or a murmur from me and she responds straight away. I didn’t really need to have her on the lead even though we walked alongside a main road. She waited for me at the crossing and stuck close to my heels when we crossed over to get back home again. I treated her to a Bonio when we got back home and she came and sat by my knee while I chatted with Mum and Dad for a bit.

Bella in the trees
Bella leaving me behind on the main road

So yes, simple pleasures: fresh air, sunshine, the company of a great animal, gentle exercise and a boost to my confidence after being too ill to go out for so long.


7 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Hi, Pam — I’m very, very happy for you that your walk was a good experience. Bella looks like a beauty, and Border Collies are, in my mind, the smartest dogs around. Obviously, she loves and trusts you — such a lovely gift. I hope today’s walk is the first of many, and that you gain strength with every step. Best wishes, Judith 😎


  2. Hiya Pam…what a brave lady you small step for Pam is one giant step into the future and doesn’t Bella look a beauty.

    The only thing that worried me is what would have happened had she been attacked by another dog..would you have been able to cope as she was not on a lead…maybe a daft thought!


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