Top 5 30 Day Challenge

Top 5 30 Day Challenge

I thought I’d try another 30 Day Challenge this year, and here we are: Top 5….

It is literally 30 days of top 5’s, but I promise not to just give you a post on this for the next 30 days without anything else in between. I like doing 30 day challenges but I’m fully aware that my readers don’t necessarily want to read them each day so I will spare you and only give you a couple each week.

Here’s the full list of what’s coming up (day one to follow next post):

  • Day One: Top Five Favourite Excuses
  • Day Two: Top Five Favourite Books/Series You’ve Read
  • Day Three: Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours
  • Day Four: Top Five Favourite Things About The Internet
  • Day Five: Top Five Places You’d Like To Live
  • Day Six: Top Five Things That Happened To You This Past Year
  • Day Seven: Top Five Favourite Historical Figures
  • Day Eight: Top Five Biggest Fictional Crushes
  • Day Nine: Top Five People You’d Like To Kill
  • Day Ten: Top Five Reasons You Feel The Way You Do Right Now
  • Day Eleven: Top Five Languages You Wish You Were Fluent In
  • Day Twelve: Top Five Trends/Styles You Abhor
  • Day Thirteen: Top Five Dream Jobs
  • Day Fourteen: Top Five Things You’d Do If You Had Magical Abilities
  • Day Fifteen: Top Five Favourite Beverages
  • Day Sixteen: Top Five Things In Life You’d Like An Explanation For
  • Day Seventeen: Top Five Favourite Things To Do Where You Live
  • Day Eighteen: Top Five Favourite Sporting Events
  • Day Nineteen: Top Five Favourite Sandwiches
  • Day Twenty: Top Five Most Annoying Celebrities
  • Day Twenty-One: Top Five Movies You Quote Constantly
  • Day Twenty-Two: Top Five Sexiest People Ever (Dead Or Alive)
  • Day Twenty-Three: Top Five Worst Teachers You’ve Ever Had
  • Day Twenty-Four: Top Five Things You Do During “Me-Time”
  • Day Twenty-Five: Top Five Products You Most Desire
  • Day Twenty-Six: Top Five Most Useful Inventions
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Top Five Most Annoying Things About Yourself
  • Day Twenty-Eight: Top Five Favourite TV Shows
  • Day Twenty-Nine: Top Five Biggest Guilty Pleasures
  • Day Thirty: Top Five Favourite Song Lyrics


Why not link up with me and join in? I’d love to compare answers with you.




2 thoughts on “Top 5 30 Day Challenge”

  1. I’m so glad you’re going to do this. My 30 days with this challenge are almost over — today was day 24 for me. Have a ton of fun! I won’t be commenting for a week, because I leave tomorrow for Disney World. But I’ll catch up when I get home!


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