Top 5 30 Day Challenge

Top 5 30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Do you ever embark on these challenges and a few days in there’s a question that you are not sure how you are going to answer?

This is one of those days…

Day Three on the Top 5 30 Day Challenge – Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours

I’m actually quite happy with the name I have got thank you very much so to say I wish I had another one would be a bit daft! However, as a writer, names of characters are really important so I’m going to use my writer’s wildcard here and give you a list of nom de plumes for me/my characters and hope you forgive me for cheating a bit.

1. Elizabeth – there is something timeless and imperial about the name Elizabeth. All of its derivations are really nice too – Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Betty, Liza, Ellie so I wouldn’t mind if it got shortened.

2. Veronica – I choose this one just for the fact it could get shortened to Ronnie. Gangster-like, a bit of a wild child but with an edge of gentility. You have to watch out for Veronica’s.

3. Ruby – such a strong name with a lot of connotations for me. I’d like to write a story about a Ruby but I’m frightened I wouldn’t do her justice. Ruby’s are strong women, women with inner sadness and a core of steel. The Ruby in my head is a put upon, hard-working, affectionate but lonely lady. She is world-weary, a little frayed around the edges and just needs a gentle gent to treat her right and for her to bloom. Look, see, you’ve got me going now…got to do something about the Ruby that is currently living in my head and get her down in print!

4. Martha – I love this name. There is the Martha of the Bible who was a servant, an observer, a watcher who put her own self behind everyone elses. The name Martha is a bit like Ruby to me – a woman of strength, but this time with more subservience about her. As hard as the exterior of Ruby is, Martha’s is soft and gentle. They both need cherishing but whereas Ruby would make you work hard to earn the right to look after her, Martha would be eager and willing to let you in right from the off.

5. John – haha that surprised you didn’t it?!! If I was a bloke I would choose to be called John. I would have called my son John but my husband put his foot down and refused to have a son named after his favourite brand of beer. Fair enough, but it doesn’t stop me liking it and choosing it to be my male alter-ego’s name.

Having done this question now it’s not so bad after all. Have you started your challenge yet? I’ll be catching up with those who have responded so far in a day or so.






3 thoughts on “Top 5 30 Day Challenge – Day 3”

  1. Those are all nice names.
    For me I’d choose:

    1.) Katherine
    2.) Elizabeth
    3.) Margaret
    4.) Anne

    (although I like my name very much {and no it’s not really Vivielle:)}

    I’m enjoying this challenge you’re doing!


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