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Break Over

I said last Sunday that I was going to be taking a break from blogging for a week so that my tired and stale mind could refresh itself with a spell of reading and researching. Well let me tell you, this past week has not turned out quite as I imagined it to….

When I made my “I need a break” statement on Sunday evening, I couldn’t have anticipated what would happen the following day, which probably would have made me take a break anyway. My Dad’s older brother was admitted to hospital last Sunday afternoon, and he was extremely ill. We received a phone call first thing on Monday morning to tell us that he was poorly and that it would be a good idea if we could go and see him. I didn’t go because I didn’t feel it was right but my Mum and Dad did and they got to spend two days with my uncle before he sadly passed away on Tuesday night. He had been in the advanced stages of liver cancer so the end was swift, if brutal.

Mum and Dad stayed with the family for a couple more days and while they were away I held the fort back here at home. They only live round the corner from me so it was no problem to take care of Bella the dog (I’ve posted about Bella the wonder dog before, and this spell she was an absolute star!), and I was also holder of the church keys. They are both church wardens so they are more or less on call to let people in and out of church whenever it’s needed, so last week I stepped in to help. Luckily I only needed to use them about 20 times…it’s a busy church!

So as it happened, what with my grief over my Uncle David and the busy-ness of deputising for Mum and Dad as well as running my own bits and pieces, I would have had to take a break from blogging because it just didn’t feel right and because I was pooped. I have enjoyed the break away from composing a new post every day but I didn’t quite manage the reading part of research to refresh my mind in the meantime.

Never mind. Although I like the discipline of a daily post I’ll state now that this week may be a bit patchy in my output again. I will be travelling for the funeral on Thursday to stay overnight with my Gran, and Friday will just be a no-no in terms of leaving the family circle to make a blog post. I will try and schedule a couple of posts but I’m not going to break into a sweat about it. Being bereaved does funny things to one’s sense of what’s right doesn’t it?!

Here’s a picture of David on his wedding day just under two years ago. He was my hero. A bon-viveur with a zest for life and he will leave a huge void in so many lives.


7 thoughts on “Break Over”

  1. Condolences on your loss. Family duties and your own remembrances/grief trump blogging at times like you are experiences. Our thoughts are with you, and we will be here when the time is right to blog again.


  2. I love your Uncle’s wedding picture – what a lovely couple. I’m sorry for your loss. The blog is fun and a good release for you, but I think your priorities are much better spent taking care of your family needs. We’ll see you when we see you.


  3. Thanks for the post and for the wedding picture. So sorry your uncle passed away so soon after the wedding. Such a loss for all your family. It’s good that you and all your family can give each other support.
    Have to catch up on some of your other posts now, dear Pam. So s.orry for your loss.


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