Wednesday Hodgepodge

Springy Hodgepodge

Welcome to this springtime edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. All are invited to play along, just click on the button below and follow Joyce’s instructions how to join in.


Here are my answers to this week’s questions-

1. The first day of spring is here-do you enjoy working in the yard? Weeding, raking,  mowing, planting…your favourite springtime garden chore? How about your least favourite?

I don’t particularly enjoy gardening but I do like having a nice garden to look at. I do a little bit here and there and my favourite (year round) activity is maintaining the bird-table. My least favourite chore is raking out the moss between the flagstones and cobbles on the driveway.

2. What puts a spring in your step?

Would it sound corny if I were to say “Spring”??! Seriously, Spring sunshine never fails to perk me up.

3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action.

As a mother I have had to spring into action hundreds of times, and as a first aider in a secondary school you can multiply that by THOUSANDS!!! The most memorable of when I had to spring into action was when Emma was a toddler and was choking on some food in a cafe in a local park on a day out. I managed to leap up from my table, grab her from her seat, sweep my little finger round her mouth, tip her upside down onto my left arm and slap her back until the food got unblocked and all the while stay calm and unflustered. I gave her a cuddle when the drama was over and put her back in her chair with a drink and it was at that point I went to pieces and started with the shakes and the weeps at what could have been…. She’s sat here next to me on the sofa filling in her application for student finances for university next year so you can see that the outcome was successful!!

4. We’re having carrots for dinner…would you prefer yours raw or cooked?

I like carrots when they are just tender. Not too cooked that they fall apart but cooked enough that they are still sweet and have a bite to them.

5. Do you take the shampoos and other sundries from your hotel room when it’s time to check out?

Not really. I am allergic to most products anyway so I only use the tried and tested soaps and shampoos etc that I bring with me! I have been tempted by the complimentary chocolates and mints from time to time though….

6. What’s the most enjoyable team or club you’ve belonged to and what was it that made it so?

I have played in bands and orchestras throughout my life since the age of 7, so the most enjoyable club/team would be one of those. All the bands I have belonged to have had their own particular highlights and enjoyable parts, but there has been nothing like belonging to Middleton Band when we won the National Championships in 2007. We worked really hard to earn our place at the championships and we really bonded as friends as well as fellow musicians in the preparation for it. The rehearsal the night before the contest was amazing – 28 people all thinking and creating with a single mind and a single goal was astounding.

7. Is cloning a sign of progress?

It’s a sign of increasing cleverness, but also of increasing arrogance. You could argue that it is a progression of scientific research and development but you could also argue that it is progress along man’s route away from God.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I learned from my Gran last week that my Grandad was one of the policemen who was involved with the original search for Keith Bennett when he went missing in 1964.




4 thoughts on “Springy Hodgepodge”

  1. What a lucky girl Emma is to have a quick thinking Mama!
    I don’t think I ever heard of the Moor’s murders before. Such a sad story and tragic ending for Keith.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. Your springing into action story makes me think of my second cousin, who died as a result of choking on a piece of steak in a restaurant. She was a grown woman at the time.

    I wish your hubby luck with his gardening adventures. I’ve never had much of a green thumb before, but so far, so good this year 🙂


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