Daybook Entry – 31st March

 I haven’t done a Daybook Entry for a whole month so I’m making up for it today with some longer answers. I hope you stick with me to the end of it!



Outside my window…twilight is falling. It is cold today after nearly two weeks of gorgeous warm sunshine. We are told that an arctic blast is on its way and we can expect temperatures to plummet to -9 overnight. Brrrr!

I am thinking…how busy things have been this past fortnight (month?) and I am so out of touch with my routine I feel like an alien in Pam’s skin.

I am thankful…for so many things at the minute that it’s hard to name just one, and so it is with no disrespect to the multitude of blessings I could name when I say that I am thankful for my church family. We have survived an extremely tough fortnight together and we are looking forward to preparing for and celebrating Easter together .

In the kitchen…is the remains of a chicken and vegetable soup I made earlier.

I am wearing…my comfy/poorly pyjamas.

I am creating…a lap blanket for my Gran.

I am going…to bed early tonight. I am 2/3rds of the way through a book I got from the library on Wednesday and I want to have a good read before I go to sleep.  Tess Gerritsen is turning out to be one of my favourite authors at the minute.

I am wondering…how long it is going to take for the first of my PPI compensation claims to come through. I hope it comes through before the end of April….(Kindle Touch is released in the UK….)

I am reading… “Keeping The Dead” by Tess Gerritsen. I am really into her at the minute!

I am hoping…my son has a great week away next week on his Outward Bound course on Loch Eil in Scotland.

I am looking forward to…all sorts of things – peace next week, Palm Sunday service tomorrow morning, finishing my Gran’s blanket, having a good read, having a tidy house tomorrow afternoon…the list is endless really!

I am learning… more about my faith by working with children. As they say, “you can’t tell the story if you don’t know the story first” and I have been having a ball doing Experience Easter with three local primary schools this past fortnight. You have really got to know your stuff and be confident in your own faith and beliefs when they hit you with questions from left right and centre!

Around the house…is STUFF. Piles of STUFF to be packed into a rucksack for next week; piles of STUFF for Sunday School; heaps of STUFF that is being created by all members of the family; STUFF that needs washing and putting away; STUFF that is drying…

I am pondering…cup of tea or gin and tonic?

A favourite quote for today… “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” – Aristotle

One of my favourite things…is telling stories to kids

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’ve got a quiet week ahead this week with not a lot planned so I’m going to take it easy and enjoy crocheting, writing, reading and sitting in the garden if the sun decides to make an appearance.

Thought for the day:

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7 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 31st March”

  1. Your blog looks interesting. I too tend to be be somewhat random about my blog posts – that’s why I called my blog ‘Tangents’.

    I’m curious to see where you go with the A-Z challenge


  2. Hi, I’m doing the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge too. I stopped by randomly to check out your blog and I admit I got sucked in and read quite a few of your posts. Jolly good!

    I invite you to visit my blog.


  3. Creating a lap blanket for your gran. Bless your heart, Pam. So many today don’t give grandparents a thought. Many blessings to you – Maxi


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