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F is for Friday

F is for Friday!!


I am happier than usual to welcome Friday this week. My son has been away on an outward bound course in Scotland all week and I have had no contact from him since Monday morning. The group have been deep in the Scottish Highlands, near to the foot of Ben Nevis and so the mobile signal has been non-existent.

I don’t usually do the whole helicopter-parent thing with my kids, but I have really missed him this week and have felt quite a bit adrift with him not being in the house all week.

I’m glad to say that I have heard from him today and he is definitely on his way back home HURRAH!!! They will have crossed over into England a short while ago so in a couple of hours they will be back home in Manchester. Can’t wait!!!



7 thoughts on “F is for Friday”

  1. That’s great.
    Even with four kids, we do miss them when they’re away.
    Well a bit, you know, some of the time.
    Oh, hey, hope you enjoyed your quiet time. 🙂


    1. Thanks Dave. He’s home now and been regaling me with tales of what he’s been up to all week…..I’ve gone grey in an hour! The first thing they did when they arrived on Monday was a “jog and dip” which entailed stripping off into swimwear, running down a jetty and jumping in Loch Eil….oh boy!


  2. That’s such a sweet thing to say about your son. Wish i could read those kind of things about me, from my mother. He will love to read what you said. Glad to hear he is going home safely, have a great weekend!


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