A-Z April 2012

G is for Gratitude

Welcome to day 7 of the April A-Z Challenge. Today’s letter is G

G is for Gratitude

I thought quite a bit about what I could write about today. There are a few G’s that I could have chosen – Grandma? God? Garden? Gethsemane? Grace? Gnomes?? But I chose GRATITUDE.

There are so many things to be grateful for that it’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ll give you my top 5 things as things are at the moment. There are not in any particular order but here goes!

1. My family – my son has been away this week and I have missed him like mad. I’m so grateful that he has returned safely from his expedition in the Scottish Highlands (including a swim in Loch Eil and an overnight expedition up Ben Nevis in the snow….). We are all together again tonight and I am grateful for this refuge that my family call “home”.

2. My church – I’m not going to get all churchy and preachy on you, but I am grateful to my church family for supporting me through a very difficult period in my life. They haven’t done anything in particular other than just being there and allowing me to work through what has been weighing me down.

3. My bed. Call me shallow, but every single time I get into my bed whether it is during the day or at the right time at night, I say a prayer of thanks for my bed. It is soft, supportive, warm, wide and feels like an embrace every time I settle down. I know there are people around the world who don’t have such luxury as a warm and safe bed so it is all the more special to me that I do have it.

4. Food in my cupboard – maybe a little predictable but I am grateful for the food in my cupboard and my freezer. As I am not earning at the moment money is a little scarce (ha!) and so treats and luxuries are mostly out of the question, especially in the cuisine department. I am extremely grateful for the food that I do have and for the fact that I can keep feeding my family week in and week out on the basics.

5. For my final item I would like to stay away from the predictable things and nominate my local library. Actually, I have two local libraries that I can borrow books from so maybe that should be numbers 5 and 6! In line with number 4 above, I don’t have that much funds available to indulge my passion for books so the mainstay of my new literary experience has centred very much around my local libraries. I can’t help my passion for books and if I can’t buy my own I have been borrowing from my library(ies). Hats off to Blackley Library and North City Library in Harpurhey for their mine of books that I can read and that don’t cost me a penny. I borrow 8 books every three weeks or so and even if I was working again I couldn’t keep up with that rate  in purchases!!

A day off from the A-Z Challenge tomorrow and I think I will be spending the time visiting those lovely people who have left me comments this week and reading a lot more of what other people have got to say on the Challenge.

Happy Easter everyone!!



6 thoughts on “G is for Gratitude”

  1. I had to giggle when I read your post because I do the same thing: when I get into my warm bed at night, I am usually overcome with thankfulness. I haven’t talked to anyone about that before (or really thought about anyone feeling the same way), so I was happily surprised to see that on your list. Having so much warmth and comfort is definitely a blessing.


  2. I seen your post on ‘chiefofleast’ on the Ressurection, and I am grateful that I’ve found someone else who thinks that it is possible that Jesus could have rose on Saturday, instead of Sunday. Thanks for putting that view out there and commenting!

    (I also like your gratitude list; not everyone has those you listed. A good church home is one that is missing from mine.)


  3. Gotta laugh at your wonderful bed, Pam ’cause I feel the same. People tell me all the time how uncomfortable their bed is; like you I love my bed.

    Each day I awake is a blessing…

    Blessings – Maxi


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