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H is for Highway Code

H is for Highway Code

Today’s topic is prompted by a 380 mile round trip I did today with Kevin and Ethan to visit my parents who are currently in Stokenchurch looking after my Gran. Gran had a fall last weekend and has broken her wrist. At 97 years old she is very frail and delicate to start with so my Mum and Dad are there to give her 24 hour care but because they went in an emergency they are running out of their own medicines and spare clothes. Hence the 380 mile round trip by us today.

We set out at about 8am this morning and we have just got back, and 99% of the journey has been on the motorway in the rain. Admittedly the rain was varying in intensity throughout the day and as the landscape changed, but there was constant spray from the road surface.

Bear with me, I am getting the Highway Code, I promise.

It has been really difficult in places because of other road users who quite clearly haven’t ever refreshed their knowledge of the Highway Code since they passed their test. Primary reasons are:

1. Lane hogging, and 


Oh it makes me so mad!

I took a turn at driving for a spell on the way back and was stuck behind an ignorant ****** (insert your own expletive here….) who not only had her fog lights on – yes HER – but was hogging the middle lane for about 2 junctions on the M6. I couldn’t pull round her because there was a constant line of traffic on my right hand side and I was verging on the edge of the speed that I was comfortable with, and as is the law in the UK, I couldn’t undertake her on the inside neither. The brightness of the fog lights in the daylight was distracting and made it so that I couldn’t see her brake lights properly in the surface spray and so was dangerous as well.

As for the lane hogging, she wasn’t the worst culprit of the day and to be fair she was one of about a dozen who were guilty of the fog light thing but she was the one who had them both during the time I was driving.

The Highway Code says that you should drive in lane one unless you need to pull out to round a slower moving vehicle, in which case use lane two. When you have passed the slower vehicle, pull back in again. In the case of a three lane motorway (which most are), the same rule applies to lane three. It seems to be that most drivers view the three lanes as 1 is for old fogies or lorry drivers going uphill, 2 is for driving at around 50mph so long as you’ve got a mid-range car in beige and/or you are wearing a funny hat or a vacant look on your face when you drive and 3 is the “go as fast as you can and flash your lights at anyone trying overtake the beige gits in the middle lane and bully them into pulling in before they are ready to and keep going as long as you can as close to the car in front as you can so nobody can stop your 89mph journey” lane.

Fog lights are another matter. You should only use them if you are the last vehicle in a line of traffic and there is nobody behind you IN THE FOG. If another vehicle gets behind you you should TURN THEM OFF BECAUSE THEY DAZZLE PEOPLE!!

Is it too much for people to learn what the rules on fog light use are? Or how to drive properly on the motorway??

Or am I just being a pedant*???!


*you don’t have to answer that!





6 thoughts on “H is for Highway Code”

  1. We’ve got similar problems here in the US though it is mostly with people using the high beams at a well lit intersection waiting for the light to change. My eyes are sensitive enough already and having those bright things for a few seconds makes it difficult to gauge where I am in turning onto the street I need.

    Interesting post, by the way. I hope the drive wasn’t too bad for you.


  2. To care for 97 year old frail and delicate Gran who’s broken her wrist must be somewhat stressful in itself. You really didn’t need all these frustrations on the road on top of it. Your parents had forgotten their medication? I hope they’re all right now.

    People know they cannot drive with lights on high beam when there’s a car in front of them. Why can’t they be just as courteous in the fog by turning their foglights off when there’s a car behind them? How about an educational program on TV so people learn how to behave correctly on multi lane highways? I think you have every right to be annoyed when drivers don’t show some courtesy towards other drivers.


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