A-Z April 2012

J is for Joke

Here we are on day 10 of the A-Z April Challenge, and we are up to letter “J”. My topic today is:

J is for Joke

Let’s start by defining what exactly a joke is:

1.  funny story: a funny story, anecdote, or piece of wordplay that gets passed round and repeated
2.  something funny said or done: anything said or done to make people laugh
dressed up the dog in a hat and sunglasses as a joke
3.  funny event: a funny event or circumstance, or something to laugh at
4.  something inadequate: somebody or something that is laughably inadequate or absurd (slang).

My favourite type of jokes are those that play on words and this cartoon is a great example of my type of humour.

Yup, I could do with another couple of feet along the length of my spine too!

Hope you all find something joyful to laugh at today.




5 thoughts on “J is for Joke”

  1. funny: when i was single i was one of the first people to online date. on my profile i would state that i love jokes and i love to laugh. I only meant jokes as wordplay or cartoons or pictures, but invaviarably someone would try to tell me a knock knock or a “these two guys walk into a …” joke. I shut them down instantly.


  2. Funny, I could use a few more feet too . . I have to admit I love the simple jokes -the play on words, or even the super corny jokes like “Why did the girl mushroom date the guy mushroom? Because he was a fungi.”


  3. Where I work, laughter isn’t an easy thing to find, but some mild teasing and joking makes the patients smile. How often do you walk up to a register and they say you’re too young when you both know you’re more than old enough? Add a playful smile and a wink and it is all roses. 😉 Gotta love a good joke, no matter what.


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