A-Z April 2012

K is for Kindle

K is for Kindle

We had a discussion about this last week and I posted about the pros and cons of e-books vs tree-books. After much thought, comparison and gleeful hand-rubbing I have taken the plunge and have ordered myself a new Kindle Touch which will be available here in the UK from the end of April.

Kindle Touch

I have been breaking myself in by downloading the Kindle app for my phone and one for my PC and to be honest, I am really REALLY looking forward to having the real thing to read on. I wanted the Touch version because it has mp3 capability as well as the text-speech function which was removed from the previous version. I know they had to lose something to keep the price at £89, but I would really make use of both of those capabilities, and the extra £20 is well worth it to me.

I think there are definite benefits to reading books make of paper, same as there is with e-books, and there will definitely be a place on my bookshelves for them.

I anticipate my Kindle will see a lot of “pulp” fiction reading as well as the classics (which are free yeehaa!) and my book-buying budget will be dedicated to special books in future.

Bring on the end of April!!




7 thoughts on “K is for Kindle”

  1. Ooo. I’m on the verge. We’ve got some Kobo Touches at work for £89 and I’m sorely tempted.
    And paper v. E? Well we have to dump the paper or lose the rainforests don’t we? I know there’s recyc. But we’re still battering the Amazon for no good reason. Couldn.’t they invent a polywotsit substitute? 🙂


    1. Argh!!! It was hard enough deciding on a) whether to get a Kindle and b) which one, and then you come along and throw another make into the mix?!?!?!!!!!! I’ll let you know how the Kindle goes….lol!


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