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L is Lady Godiva

L is for Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is a legendary figure in Medieval Coventry who defied her husband and forced his hand when he wanted to levy heavy taxes on the people. Lady G was so incensed about his high-handedness and said that if he didn’t stop his plans to put the taxes in place she would ride on a horse, naked, through the streets of Coventry.

Leofric, her husband, agreed to the bargain but to preserve his wife’s modesty he made all the townspeople hide themselves away and to avert their gaze as she rode through.

They all did so except one, who bored a hole in the shutters and peeped out at her. He became known as Peeping Tom and legend has it that he went blind because of his cheating.

This is a painting of Lady Godiva and there is a statue of her in Coventry town centre in her honour.




13 thoughts on “L is Lady Godiva”

    1. I think there was a group called Peter and Gordon who sang one about her. And for some reason The Beatles is coming to mind as well….probably me getting mixed up about something!


  1. Very cheesy video just appeared on YouTube.
    Sterlingsop – Lady Madonna?
    I lived in Cov for 4 years and they’re quite proud of the lady – well they’ve no football team to speak of, have they? Lol


  2. Bring back Lady G, I say. Let her ride hither and yon throughout the world to bring relief to the burdened taxpayer.

    Did the term “peeping tom” come from this story?

    Blessings – Maxi


    1. Hi Maxi, yes, this is where we get the term “Peeping Tom”. Not sure what his real name was but isn’t it funny how things like that can stick with us down the centuries?!?!!


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