Daybook Entry – Sunday 15th April


Outside my window…a beautiful blue-skied, sunshine-filled Spring day has given over to clouds and an Arctic blast.

I am thinking…How clever Toy Story 2 is (it’s just come on the TV yippee!).

I am thankful…that my daughter deems me intelligent enough to proofread her college assignment!

In the kitchen…is the remains of the mammoth laundry session we have accomplished this weekend.

I am wearing…comfy jama bottoms and a blue t-shirt (I always seem to be wearing these when I do a Daybook….hmmm….)

I am creating…nothing much, just a generic baby blanket for a Moses basket or hospital cot. I’ve nothing on the agenda but love crocheting so am making one to have in stock or to give away at short notice.

I am going…to Grimsby tomorrow to pick up our new car. Not exactly brand new but it’s new to us and we are so excited!

I am wondering…whether it’s too early to open a bottle of wine (answer = probably, seeing as though it’s only 5pm….tsk Pamela!!)

I am reading…I am between books at the moment but I went to the library yesterday and I have got 8 little treasures waiting for me to dive into asap.

I am hoping…I can get to read a bit later on.

I am looking forward to…receiving my Kindle at the end of the month. HURRY UP AMAZON!!!!!!!

I am learning…to relax when it comes to taking Sunday School sessions. Far too uptight in the first couple of sessions to enjoy them properly, but today was a lot calmer and a lot better.

Around the house…is general academic mayhem and madness of the ordinary family kind. Son upstairs watching a film on his laptop, daughter sat next to me putting the finishing touches to a piece of coursework discussing the pros and cons of legalising euthanasia, daughter’s boyfriend is sat in the armchair over from me doing university coursework on “probability” (he has his finals coming up), husband is pottering round the house doing random little jobs like replacing the battery in the smoke alarm etc.

I am pondering…whether to start preparing for my next Sunday School session while I am still on a high from this morning or whether to let it calm down and have a look at it through the week.

A favourite quote for today… “Last week I missed a spectacular hole-in-one by only six strokes” (found when researching some golfing one-liners for my friend to use in a speech tomorrow when he plays host to a team of golfers from another club).

One of my favourite things…is daytime napping.

A few plans for the rest of the week: off to collect the car tomorrow and then no more plans for the rest of the week. The kids are back in school tomorrow so I will have some peace again during the day!

A peek into my day…

Modelling with Playdoh at Sunday School – we had to plan what to build and then co-operate with each other to make our models. The theme was the road to Emmaus, and how Jesus’ resurrection is all part of God’s plan. Some of the children modelled gardens and other animals, and one very quiet little girl said she wanted to make the cross.

Come and join us at and join in!!


1 thought on “Daybook Entry – Sunday 15th April”

  1. I love that quote about the hole in one! lol Had a nap today, too. It’s been ages since I took an afternoon nap, but my eyelids refused to stay open today. You’ll have to “show” us your new car!


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