A-Z April 2012

N is for New Car!!

N is for New Car

We collected our new car today. So happy! It’s a 9yr old Vauxhall Astra, blue, with a 1.8l engine. Apart from that, if you want any more technical details then you’d have to ask Kevin….my mind glazes over when it comes to all things mechanical. Sorry…

We went to see it on Friday, decided we liked it so paid a deposit and negotiated a part exchange deal for our old Vectra as part of the bargain. We had decided to go and get it today and had a rather nice afternoon in Cleethorpes while we were out.

I was even allowed a drive on the way home….yeehaa!! Although driving at a limited speed of 50mph from Leeds to Milnrow on narrow lanes didn’t really give me much chance to test the engine (heh heh heh) it was a really lovely drive and I enjoyed the feeling of a CLEAN car in my hands for once.

Here she is, our new little cracker. (Please ignore the manky caravan parked next to it…we will be giving it a wash and brush up soon. Promise)


11 thoughts on “N is for New Car!!”

    1. Yeah!! It’s kind of electric blue, kind of metallic too but yes, the City strip was nearly exactly the same colour. And it’s an Astra too which I love so it’s a win win for the Pamster 🙂


    1. Hi Patti – Kevin will be driving it most because he’ll be using it for work. I was lucky to get a drive yesterday…I can’t see it happening again in the near future. You know what men are like with their new toys haha!


  1. Ooooooh, blue, my second favorite color after purple. Your car sparkles like a sapphire. Most lovely. Congratulations!

    Your posts are so exotic to me…Vauxhall, Astra, Cleethorpes, Milnrow. All things I’ve never heard of.

    Your new blog friend from across “the pond.”


    1. Welcome aboard Susan!! And thank you for your kind comments. I hope I manage to keep you entertained in future posts. I’m hoping for a day out tomorrow (in the new car) so I’ll no doubt be posting about somewhere else “exotic”. How does Glasson Dock sound? Or Formby Point? Hmmmm…I’m going to dig out the roadmap now!

      Pam 🙂


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