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P is for Patterns

P is for Patterns

I have been on the lookout for some old/retro crochet patterns recently and have been trawling eBay etc with not much luck so far. I’m particularly looking for baby sets, Christening gowns and bonnets but am also a bit partial to the old-fashioned matinee jackets as well. I have looked on websites like allfreecrochet.com and redheart.com amongst others and as great as their resources are, they are all current patterns and a bit short on the style that I’m looking for.

When we went to Cleethorpes the other day to get the car, we called in a couple of antique shops to see if they had anything there. The thought process was that if they were stocking goods from house-clearances then there would be a chance that an old lady here or there might have had her pattern collection taken along with the furniture and crockery. It was a good theory but it didn’t pan out in practice.

So. My mind has been set on having a look closer to home and to keep trawling eBay etc to see what comes up. There’s no urgent rush to find some patterns, it’s more of a back-burner type project idea at the moment.

But whaddya know? You know how things show up when you stop looking for them?? Well, my Dad turned up this afternoon with an old binder of crochet and knitting patterns that someone had given to church with a load of stuff for a jumble sale. My Mum had fished it out for me because she thought I might like to have a look and see if there was anything I was interested in. Yeehaa! There were 40 patterns in the binder, and about a third of them were crochet patterns. Some are clearly outdated – I mean, who puts little boys in knitted knickers any more? – but there are some really nice Christening gowns and bonnets to have a go at and there are a couple of the little matinee jackets I was after too.

Lucky Pamster!!

Here’s a couple of my favourites.

And check out the price on this one…..good grief!





6 thoughts on “P is for Patterns”

  1. The pictures are beautiful. Let us know if you do something with the patterns eventually. It’s amazing how what you were looking for all of a sudden turned up when you had already given up searching. Wonderful that your Mum thought of you when she saw the patterns.


    1. Thanks Maxi. I’m halfway through the bonnet now. I’ve managed another couple of rows tonight and have started the shaping for the crown but the instructions need a non-fatigued brain to work out so I’m leaving it til tomorrow now. I hope to get a photo up soon πŸ™‚


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