A-Z April 2012

R is for Reading

R is for Reading

A little predictable maybe, but I thought I would do today’s A-Z Challenge post on reading. If you have read my blog before you may know or have gathered that I am an avid reader and I am into all things bookish and libraryish.

Let me share with you my top 10 things about reading:

1. The first book I remember reading for pleasure (as opposed to the books they made us read in school) was “Five Run Away Together”, which is the third book in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I was about 9 or 10 years old and it was given to me by a girl across the street, also called Pamela.

2. I read my way through all of Enid Blyton’s stories within a couple of years and progressed from children based crime fiction to Agatha Christie’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s murder mysteries.

3. It’s probably fair to say that my favourite genre is crime/mystery/murders etc. I don’t mind a bit of romance and I am a bit partial to a bit of fantasy (True Blood, Twilight, Ender’s Game etc) but I usually turn to all things gory sooner or later.

4. My favourite place to read is…well, anywhere really! From the bathroom to the bedroom, to the bus on the way to work (when I went on the bus to work), to the canteen to a coffee shop, to cooking the tea to having a book open on the front seat when I’m driving in case I can get a couple of sentences in while the lights change (it has been known when a book is particularly gripping!)….I read EVERYWHERE.

5. I love keeping my books in pristine condition, especially my paperbacks. I hate it when the spines get creased and love to keep them looking like they haven’t been read yet. Unless we’re talking about a classic, in which case I need them to be loved and creased and I have even been known to make pencil marks in the text. For some reason, Austen without notes is just wrong.

6. My children have picked up on my love of reading (hurrah!). My daughter is as OCD with her books as I am and has them lined up on her bookshelves in series order and they all look like they haven’t been read yet, despite several reads of each. My son has recently raided the loft and has taken four Stephen King novels out of the box (I say *the* but really I mean *one of the many, many boxes up there*) and is working his way through them slowly. He chose four so he could use the four kings out of a pack of cards as bookmarks, bless him!

7. My taste in reading material varies enormously. I will try anything! I like daft things, unusual concepts, fantasy, historical romances, pulp fiction romances come to that, thrillers, chick lit, horror, classics, ancient historical stuff….the list is endless really.

8. It has been known, on several occasions, that my “I’ll just read a chapter before I go to sleep” has turned into a “I’ve only got x number of pages/chapters to go and I HAVE to finish it tonight”. The latest I stayed up to finish a book was one of the Harry Potter books (the one where Dobby dies) where I settled down to sleep at around 4.30am after going to bed at around 11pm. I was about half way through it when I settled for a “little” read….

9. The longest I have ever got into a book before I gave up on it because it was boring was the Hobbit and I had (still got….) about a chapter and a half to go.

10. There is nothing, NOTHING, like the sensory explosion that occurs when you open a brand new, unread, hardback.

So, are you a reader? What excites you about reading? Would you call yourself a literary boffin, or do you enjoy trashy novels as much as you enjoy a bit of the classical bodice-rippers of the 18th Century? What’s the daftest place you have ever settled down to a spell of reading?

Please leave me a comment. I’m curious to see your answers!




6 thoughts on “R is for Reading”

  1. 1. First book I remember reading for pleasure “Stig of the Dump.”
    2. Me too, though I read LOADS of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, after I moved on from Enid Blyton, then onto Charles Dickens. For light relief I loved Tintin and Asterix.
    3. My favourite’s are currently murder mystery but up until about 10 years ago I was a total fantasy nerd, Ann McCaffrey, Raymond Feist, Terry Brooks, (Elves, Dwarves & Goblin schtuff, as my sister called it)
    4. Love to read in my Ikea lounger with footstool, when I can get it back off the cat. Otherwise in bed.
    5. Working in a Library I hate people that don’t treat books with due respect, especially those that write in, mark-up, highlight and fold over the corners in books that don’t even own! (I have no objection to people that write in their own books, and sometimes I enjoy borrowing and reading books from others that have comments in, as it is fun to see what they thought about certain parts.)
    6. My kids also love books, Jenny is 7 and devours Geronimo Stilton books and anything Rinbow Fairy like, Milly is 6 and loves Star Wars, Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo (mainly Graphic novels i.e. comics)
    7. Am not so ecclectic in my taste, can’t do historical romance or ancient historical (unless it’s murder mystery based eg. Cadfael, Owen Archer, Sister Fidelma, Falco etc.)
    8.Have read through the night on more than one occassion and got up at midday. Not since having the kids though : (
    9. I loved the Hobbit, but spent more than a month desperately trying to plod through War & Peace, gave up and despite the amount of time I had spent reading hadn’t even got halfway through. (Had to keep re-reading to see if I understood it better the second time)
    10. I love the feel of a good well cared for second hand hardback book, one that you can feel has been read so many times before you. I want to know what they thought of it, and also whether they gave it away cos they didn’t like it, or it was given from someone who had to down size and didn’t have the room to keep it, or had died.

    I am definately no “boffin” but I love books nearly as much as I love playing.

    The daftest place I ever settled down to try and read was in th bath, I fell asleep and the book was ruinned (good job it was mine), I’d had a couple of drinks which was why it seemed like a good idea at the time. DOH!!


    1. Wow Mich – you’ve given me some memories there!! I absolutely loved Asterix too, and Stig of the Dump was one of those that the teacher started to read to us in the classroom once. I got impatient with her and read it for myself instead of waiting for her to finish it in class!


  2. I’m a series girl. Unless I absolutely HATE the first book in a series, I always have to read the rest.
    I love to read for pleasure, but unfortunately am in a time in my life as a university student when most of my reading time is devoted to textbooks. They’re interesting and I don’t mind reading them, but I certainly miss the days of reading more for fun. Vacation time is coming though, and then it’ll be reading for fun time again!


    1. I’ve gone and done exactly the same thing AGAIN this week! I’ve picked up a book from the library and it is so good I don’t want to stop reading it, but it’s about the sixth or seventh in a series. Not only that, but it has been made for TV and I’ve missed that too!!! Bah….


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