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W is for Weather

W is for Weather

I don’t know what it is about the weather that makes us Brits just love to talk about it so much. We talk about what the weather was like yesterday, what it is doing today, what it is going to be doing tomorrow, what the forecast is going to be for the summer, whether we are in for a “bad” Winter….blimey, we always find something to discuss when we talk about it!

Perhaps it is because we are an island nation and as such we are at the mercy of the elements for so much: our fishermen need to know what storms are coming in from the Atlantic and down from the Arctic circle; our farmers need to know what the prevailing south-west wind is bringing in from the continent; our councils need to know whether we are expecting severe frost so they can grit our roads in advance (or not…but that’s another post sometime). The reasons why we discuss the weather are as varied as the types of weather we experience, and it is a great leveller in mixed company!

It’s a great topic for the newspapers and after every single news broadcast we have a weather summary. Every. Single. Time….

We do have problems with our weather, and the biggest problem we face at the moment is that so many parts of our little island are officially classified as being in drought. Even in the midst of the storms and deluge we are having at the minute, our country is having a drought and there is a hosepipe ban in many areas. It doesn’t make sense does it?? Here’s a screen shot of the BBC’s weather page taken earlier tonight:


All there is for the next four days is rain, rain, rain and rain. We have got weather warnings issued and there have been some flood warnings issued too. Yet we are technically in a drought?? Doesn’t make sense does it?!

Just to prove the “we all talk about the weather” statement earlier, I will tell you that here in Manchester it has rained all day yesterday, all night last night and all day again today. The raindrops have varied in size and intensity and at one point I did see an ark floating down the street, but we’re used to it here in the North West. Up here, we don’t say that we are having good or bad weather, it’s just that we are wearing the right or wrong coat.

Hope you are having better weather where you are than we are here in the UK!!




6 thoughts on “W is for Weather”

  1. We’ve had a bit of rain today, but not all that was promised by the meteorologist. It’s rough when it all comes at once, and the ground can only absorb so much. Hoping sunny skies show up soon for you!


  2. The weather here in Central, Florida USA is spectacular: clear, sunny and breezy. Great for sittin’ on the porch and watchin’ the birds and squirrels.

    Still, we are short of rain and need a lot more.

    Blessings – Maxi


  3. It’s been a beautiful spring here in the Northeast. After a winter that never truly arrived, we’ve had weeks of BEAUTIFUL weather. The one downside is that we’re now in a drought.


  4. It’s amazing to me that in Oregon, one of the U.S.’s rainiest states, the state says it’s in a drought more often than not.

    My theory on why everyone talks about the weather is that in some way it affects the kind of day we have. Will we be soaking wet, cold and miserable? Will we be scorching hot (as in Texas on Friday when it was 101 F.)? We can all relate to and chat about the weather. It’s a good “ice”breaker, pardon the pun.


    1. I agree – the weather is universal and it doesn’t matter what your income or your social status, everyone can comment on whether it’s cold/hot/raining/dry etc.


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