Daybook Entry – 29th April


Today is Sunday, so therefore it is a day off from the A-Z Challenge. I thought I might do a Daybook entry instead. Tomorrow will be the letter Z of the challenge so I needed the metaphorical lie down today!

FOR TODAY – Sunday, 29th April 2012

Outside my window…dusk is falling on what has been quite frankly, the stormiest of stormy days I can remember in recent memory!!

I am thinking…I am going to have to move and iron Ethan’s school uniform shortly. It’s either that or have another glass of wine and if I do that then I won’t want to iron it at all.

I am thankful…that my daughter is home at last.

In the kitchen…we have just had scrummy cheesy pasta with smoked bacon pieces. All home-made and totally delish.

I am wearing…blue t-shirt, blue comfies

I am creating…a blanket for my son. He has watched me make quite a few recently and has spoken up and put his order in for his own. It has to be blue, but he is very specific about the design…sigh….!

I am going…to go in the kitchen shortly and do that ironing (it is starting to nag at me now)

I am wondering…how much I can bribe my daughter  with to do the ironing for me *strokes chin pensively*

I am reading…anything and everything I can get my hands on loaded onto my new Kindle. Did I mention that I had got one?? It arrived on Monday last week and I have completed one novel, am 50% through the follow up and am chomping at the bit to get reading on the next. And the next, and the next, and the next…..
I am hoping…I can get in to see the GP tomorrow. Things have been a bit hairy this week and I need to have some more blood tests done and I need a chat about the next set of scans and everything.

I am looking forward to…seeing my buddy this week. I haven’t been very well for quite a while and haven’t been up to visitors much. He has been to see me but it’s been very subdued and quiet, so I am looking forward to seeing him when I’m in a better mood this week. He doesn’t deserve the misery and I’m looking forward to being cheerful for him!

I am learning…that super-high winds during the night don’t always mean the sight of ruby slippers poking out from under the shed the next day…

Around the house…things are pretty tidy. The house has that lived in look that only happens on a Sunday night, but it’s homely and nice.

I am pondering…whether to persuade Kevin that we really DO want some chocolate sponge and custard after our tea….mwahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaa!

A favourite quote for today… “You can’t truly understand something until you’ve stood amongst it and experienced it first hand”. It was said in a Christian outreach setting but it applies to so much more I just had to share it with you.

One of my favourite things…is the restorative properties of a proper cup of tea.

A few plans for the rest of the week: apart from going to the doctors tomorrow, absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nowt. Bugger all.  Sad really!

A thought for today…

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