Diary of 5

Diary of 5 – 6th May


I am seeing…the sun setting on yet another day that I’ve watched from my sickbed

I am hearing…the snooker on TV

I am smelling…not as fresh as I’d like to be. Shower time before bed tonight

I tasted…some mini chocolate éclairs from the freezer. Ate them before they’d fully defrosted #greedymare

I am feeling…fed up, poorly, bored, scared, worried, sleepy, slightly in despair


This is a format/meme that cropped up a while back when I was researching daily memes and things when I first got going on my blog (I can’t find the link back to the original now but it was via The Simple Woman’s Daybook on Blogger). I find something like this is easier to do than a fully researched piece of “journalism” for my posts on the days where my health condition won’t play ball and my brain is held hostage by the analgesics in my system. Today is one of those days.  Please feel free to leave your own “diary of 5” either as a comment here or as a post on your own blog. If you do that please drop me a line to say that you have done and I can have a read of yours. Thank you 🙂




7 thoughts on “Diary of 5 – 6th May”

  1. Here’s mine:

    I am seeing…my dad and one of my sisters sitting in the same room with me.

    I am hearing…the dishwasher running

    I am smelling…not as fresh as I’d like to be. Shower time before bed tonight

    I tasted…some delicious middle eastern inspired chicken for dinner.

    I am feeling…tired. Somewhat anxious about my 5 finals and a paper coming up this week, and eager for Thursday to come when I will be done.

    Hope you are feeling better!


      1. I just noticed that I forgot to change the “I am smelling” part to my own answer. Oops!


  2. Here we go…Diary of 5-6th of May:
    I am seeing…a big red moon because of dust in the air.

    I am hearing…the air conditioner.

    I am smelling…dust.

    I tasted…chocolate Hershey’s kisses.

    I am feeling…tired from lack of sleep.


    1. Thanks Maxi – my health has been a big problem lately and whilst I’ve tried to not dwell on it, yesterday was the lowest point for me. I’d missed going to church in the morning (and there were 15 children which would have been a great Sunday School session!) and I missed my cousin’s baby’s baptism in the afternoon because of feeling so ill. I was not seeing any lights at the end of the tunnel yesterday, hence the “despair” comment. Today is much better – as you’ll see from my post shortly.

      Thank you for your concern x


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