The Future of the Royal Family

Our Royal family’s fortunes have seen ups and downs in the last fifteen years or so but I think it’s fair to say that the future is bright.

Just look at these pictures of William and Kate who are attending a gala dinner tonight as the final countdown for the Olympics begins. The pair of them together are simply stunning and I am excited for their future.


Here’s another couple of stunning pictures of Kate. I have to admit I have got a bit of a girly crush on her!!




13 thoughts on “The Future of the Royal Family”

  1. Kate knows how to dress , that is for sure and always looks confortable and relaxed in the clothes that she wears.Sometimes she wears clothes that she wore last years so she is not a spendthrift…
    you are so right ..with William and Kate the future looks bright


    1. Oh it is for sure! It seems so much more so because of William losing his mother and the fact that he has grown up in the public eye. They have done so well to keep as private as possible as a married couple!!


  2. She is beautiful and really seems to be a kind, wonderful person. The American media is OBSESSED with them both, in case you didn’t know that. I guess since we don’t have a royal family, we have to borrow yours. 🙂


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