Diary of 5

Dairy of 5 – 14th May 2012

Diary of 5 for today, 14th May

I am seeing…a documentary on TV, Kevin lolling on the settee, darkness falling outside

I am hearing…sounds of the kids arguing whose turn it is in the bathroom

I am smelling…the remains of an incense stick I burned earlier

I tasted…profiteroles!!!!!!!

I am feeling…a little morose, a little tired, a little droopy, a little sad and a little sickly


Give me your five!


18 thoughts on “Dairy of 5 – 14th May 2012”

  1. Here’s mine.

    I am seeing…sheets of rain coming down.
    I am hearing…a thunder storm in progress. It’s surprising to be having one at 8:20 am!
    I am smelling…the lovely scent of rain and thunderstorm.

    I tasted…delicious waffles for breakfast.

    I am feeling…tired, like I always do after the semester ends.


    1. Thanks for your list, I always love reading what other people are up to! I hope the rain and the thunder have stopped. We’ve had it on and off here all day – blue skies one minute, steel grey the next with sheeting rain and the odd rumble of thunder. Brr!


  2. Hi Pam, thanks for your comment. I checked I still don’t get emails about your blogs. I bookmarked this page now and am going to come back to it after our return from Sydney. We have to leave soon and will be away for two days.


    1. Hi Uta, I’m sorry you’re not getting my posts by email. I’ll check my settings to make sure it’s not something at my end!
      I hope you have a good trip to Sydney, “see” you soon!


  3. I am seeing…darkness outside, lots of bugs in the lamp light.

    I am hearing…our generator.

    I am smelling…the banana I just ate.

    I tasted…bananas and string cheese.

    I am feeling…wide awake at 2:00 a.m.

    Just curious…what are profiteroles?



    1. What are profiteroles?
      #falls over backward#
      A finger of pastry filled with cream and covered in chocolate.


  4. Back from Sydney where we had a good time.

    Here are my five:

    Yesterday I saw a play in the Belvoir Theatre in Sydney

    Right now I am hearing soothing music in the radio

    Yesterday I snelled freshly brewed coffee and

    Tasted Peter’s yummy birthday cake

    I feel now like I need a bit of a rest


  5. I’m seeing a room in uproar making way for a new washing machine due today.
    I’m hearing the fish tank bubbling away.
    I’m smelling …. not much, lost that sense some time ago.
    I’m tasting – a cup of black tea, no sugar, made by my Gilly.
    I’m feeling tired – a late shift last night – takes time for these bones to rest up.


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